Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The Democrat Opportunity to Beat Trump

The Democrats can't seem to come up with a candidate with the enthusiastic backing that Donald Trump has.
 But they did have one candidate who almost beat him had it not been for the Russians.
 Now that the Russians have been exposed and their influence negated,
 perhaps the Democrats should run Hillary Clinton once more against Donald Trump in 2020.




  1. Replies
    1. Extra large, no butter. Add some caramel corn, please.

  2. There is a prize in every box of cracker jacks

  3. LOL, she’d have to ‘get rid of’ a lot of people for that to happen.

  4. Last I heard she was rattling around in NH.... Oh how I do wish...

  5. Somewhere I heard a pundit suggest if no candidate is selected in the first round of voting at the convention, she could be drafted in the second round.
    Lord, make it so.

  6. HAHA!!! isn't she still wandering in the woods mumbling, "what happened?"

  7. You would think the bat shit crazy left/liberals/Marxists/commies/pinkos are convinced that this old crone lost in 2016 because she was cheated by the Russians and Donald Trump and would demand that she get the nomination and take her rightful place in the Oval Office in 2020.

    Am I missing something?