Saturday, February 2, 2013

Time Has Come Today

It's time to desert the GOP.
I was opposed to this earlier because a fragmented party would not be able to challenge the Dems.
Well it seems that they can't anyway.


  1. The GOP keeps calling here. I just hang up.

  2. I would never vote Dem, and now I'm not voting repub either. In fact, I plan to only vote against local taxes and on other local issues unless I get a chance to vote Tea Party or a reasonable facsimile.

  3. Replies
    1. Ed, I don't even think it matters anymore. Bush and Congress had the republican majority for 6 years and did Jack Nothing about anything domestic. IN fact they hurled the great negative of DHS and TSA upon us like a pox.

      I'm currently in a state of mind as to not help any of them get in a position to rape the country to enrich themselves. Nothing but lip service from the repubs and the moves they made to have total control over the primaries makes me damn angry.