Sunday, June 23, 2013

Shell Game

You and I both know about misdirection.
Look over here!
And the switch happens over there.
We try to be on the alert for it.
Look over here!
Obama climate plan faces early resistance ahead of rollout
Scandals? What scandals?
We've got to stop his climate change agenda!
Oh look!
Video of Snowden getting off a plane in Russia!
I'm sorry, what was I talking about?


  1. It's an expensive shell game. From what I've read, the trip overseas - under the guise of foreign policy - has a 100 million price tag.

  2. "It's an expensive shell game".
    It's costing us our freedoms.
    And no White House tours, but a tour of Africa for Rex Obaminus. Thanks for stopping by Jess.

  3. Obama's only interested in beating dead horses on subjects that only matter to him, not to the rest of the country. Compared to everything else going on right now, who in their right mind cares about climate change, especially considering it's been all shown as a farce funded by special interests?

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