Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Problem

A woman I know only on Facebook, whom I friended because of her constant postings of conservative oriented material posted that she didn't know what to make of the SCOTUS decision on DOMA.
In a comment, I referred to the issue of "weird marriage".
She asked me not to use such language.
She has gay friends she doesn't want to offend.
I chose the term carefully, not saying queer, which has a similar meaning without the baggage.
If we can't call a spade a spade, we've lost the use of the language.
She works for a college, and I can understand not wanting to jeapordize her employment, but that is part of the problem, also.
The last part is that she may actually have no problem with weird marriage.
Democrats, I should say liberals, may disagree among themselves over issues, but they will vote Democrat.
They won't sit it out, or splinter their vote over social issues.
Conservatives will.
Often over social issues.


  1. I always say "Republicans eat their young". Democrats DO NOT DISAGREE IN PUBLIC...You will VERY rarely see that on TV or in print..right?

    You mention that part of your friend's problem (and ours) is that she doesn't want to jeopardize her employment. The left has known this type of intimidation for years and they'll win because of it.

    We can't say much without OFFENDING but OH, MAN, can they offend conservatives and Christians, right!?

  2. PC... Can't offend anyone unless it's a white male Christian... sigh

  3. ONFO, you echo Z, and that's a hood thing.
    Thanks for stopping by, both of you.

  4. My gmail saysJess left a comment here but I don't see it?!?!

  5. As I said I oppose gay marriage, more as a service to the gays to save them the pain of divorce!
    Tongue in cheek of course, not everyone has had my horrible track record of matrimony.