Friday, November 29, 2013

A Good Analysis

Mustang has a great analysis of the Iranian nuke "deal".

Some history of the situation and characters.

Now Iran says that Team Obama is mis-representing the deal!

Who are you going to believe: A bunch of rabidly un-American lying demagogues,
or the Iranians?


  1. I've watched Obama and the accusations of an anti-U.S. stance. It appears that's his motivation, but as I digest what I see, I'm beginning to think he's suffering severe mental disorder and is compelled to manipulate to achieve greatness in an imagined world.

    As a tyrant, he's less dangerous than as a sociopath. Either should be sufficient cause to impeach and remove him from office to lessen the damage.

    1. But a sociopathic tyrant? Nero?
      Jess, I just read about the conflict between the Constitution and the Administrative State.
      How we got here. Really good.