Thursday, November 28, 2013

Preparing a Turkey

You should choose a happy turkey.

Not one genetically modified or enhanced
Let it chill in the sink for a couple hours.

Not a Turducken, but a Turkon!
But the most important thing is to give Thanks to God for all he's given us.

I sat in a Leadership Training meeting last week where an emphasis was on giving thanks.
What was left hanging in the air was who to give thanks to.
People were thankful for so many things that could only come from someone greater than human.

I call Him Father.

We always thank God for all of you and continually mention you in our prayers. (1 Thessalonians 1:2 )

Happy Thanksgiving!

One  final thought. This is not a proper way to prepare a turkey:


  1. Leave it to you ... THE funniest and happiest Thanksgiving post of ALL! And your ending caught me totally by surprise ...thanks for the laughter!
    GOD BLESS you and keep you and Scherie and your family.
    I LOVE Thessalonians and adore the reminder of that great quote.
    THANK YOU, Ed! xxx Z

  2. I just linked to you, Ed... and BZ...both well worth it! Thanks!

  3. A wonderful post, by a wonderful person. Thank you Ed ... and may our Father bless you mightily. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

    Semper Fi

  4. Ed...that was Great. Have a Happy and Bountiful Day.

  5. Ed,
    What a wonderful Thanksgiving Day post! I chuckled more than once -- that's for sure.

    And, now, back into the kitchen I go.

  6. Let us give thanks to Him who graced you with a sense of humor.

    As to how to give thanks: I think that is easier to comprehend than to do. Let us pray we come close.

  7. I tried to send you an email. In fact, it was the most extraordinary email known to man! Splendiferous with all kinds of facts and explicit explanations regarding tests and more tests....but did I have your address? NO! So, you won't get to read it. I ate it.

    Now I'm going to chill out in the sink.

  8. Ed... if you value your house, your car, and any leftover turkey, you'd best come read my new post. After all, IT WAS YOUR IDEA that I write another one.

  9. The second pic looks like something your brother Mark would do. So is the first one for that matter.

  10. Thanks for the chuckle re our 'Turkey in Chief'.

  11. Love your site-
    BTW- You are from Michigan-
    What do you think of hit by Detroit creditors on the Detroit Institute of Arts..
    Going to write a post on it - heard about the possible 'hit' weveral months ago--and it has come up again...

    1. Just heard that again, tail end, on the local news.
      It's a shame, like means testing for some assistance: don't make sell my car to give some assistance, then I can't work.
      The DIA brings in revenue to the city above and beyond admission.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  12. This is hilarious! Still suffering from the leftovers of that last turkey though :)