Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Holiday Approaching...

This Thursday is a National Holiday, an event so culturally significant that most of us (barring major retailer employees of course) will have the day off to consume turkey.
Of course I'm talking about Turkey Day, also sometimes called Thanksgiving (it's archaic designation).

You may not know this, but (like many facts lost to those who hated taking History in school) this holiday was originally called Thanksgiving!

We can only surmise that the event was to remind us all that we should be thankful to others.
After all, "You didn't build that!" as our Dear Leader is so fond of saying.
Or "It takes a village to raise a child!" as his former Secretary of State and replacement wannabe has said repeatedly.
So thank someone else for all they've done for you.
Pick a complete stranger (he might have been your childhood crossing guard).
Get in the habit of thanking those you don't know that may have helped you in life.
A stranger to you.
Like God.


  1. Thanking God is definitely the VERY best place to start the thanks!
    Thanks for being a great blogging friend, Ed!

  2. Once we thank that Lord, we should extend thanks to our fellowman.

    1. Yew Mam, in that order. Well said.
      Happy Thanksgiving to you and Mr. AOW.