Sunday, February 2, 2014

It could happen to you....

Well, yesterday my truck overheated and I didn't know why, so I pulled it into the garage and left the car outside behind it.
I figured out the issue and due to the 6 inches of snow, I had to plow to move the car so I could get the truck out.
Fist I had to move the truck up further in the garage and pull the car up to it to get the tractor around the car.
So I plowed a clearing, brushed the car off, backed it up, moved the truck, pulled the car in and did some more plowing, neighbors, etc..
Got done about 1 PM.
About 6 PM my buddy Mike texts me and asks if my truck was running.
I texted back, no.
I texted if it was running, it would be out of gas for as little as it had  .
He texted that Debi heard a truck running.
I get up, go outside and my truck is running.
On almost empty.
I guess the over heating problem really is fixed.


  1. and I write about how gorgeous the beach weather was on Saturday! You'll be very happy to know it poured rain yesterday! (while the forecast said 70% chance of rain...I love that :-)
    Good luck with the truck!!!! OVER HEAT in that weather!?

  2. I had two vehicles last year with temperature gauges going nuclear. I love driving a quarter mile at a time only to stop and let the car 'rest' before getting to the shop. One had a bad water pump and was fixed up no problem. The other was my late great 2002 Montana with over 250,000 miles. It was more serious than a pump and she didn't make it. We pulled our 1995 popup camper with that van so excuse my tears. I'd be worried your truck will overheat again as soon as you actually drive it though. good luck.

    1. Oddly enough. I drove it to work no issue.
      Halfway home, cold air out , temp gauge heads north.
      Shut engine off, coast into a lot. Start it back up and all normal.
      Same the next day, exactly.

  3. Ouch... but at least the problem fixed itself apparently... Or did it???

  4. That's probably not the fix you're looking for. The spare range vehicle, a very old high mileage Exploder is probably going to the junk yard. Selling it would mean fixing up some things to sell it in good conscious, and that would cost more than the extra made off not junking. They'll give $500, just for the parts (the rust is free!)

  5. whoa is it really fixed? Careful out there! Happy Weekend my friend.!:-)

  6. Stealth truck-fixing ninjas. Probably.

  7. Ed, I couldn't find contact info, but if you're looking for a woodsman I might be able to scratch that itch. I've got 3 pencil barrel pre-woodsmans.

    1. Old Radar Tech: my name (one word)

  8. Here's a thought: STOP TEXTING and you'll notice your truck is running. sheesh.