Thursday, September 11, 2014

Unconstitutional Usurpation of Power.

"ISIL (Islamic State in the Levant) IS NOT ISLAMIC. "
I first heard it from a moron on television last night, telling me what is and isn’t a religion.

Since when is that his job?

The Catholic Church is not Catholic, either, eh?


  1. God bless you my patriotic friend on this Sept 11th..I shall light candles at the Memorial ...

  2. Pathetic... no other word applies... sigh

  3. You forgot to mention Kerry denying we're in a war, as we simultaneously plan to bomb ISIS targets in Syria.

    To these guys, words are whatever they want them to mean. And if we are too stupid to understand how they want us to hear these words, they tell us to shut up.

    How did we ever get to this point in American politics? George Orwell's writing used to be considered fiction, and now it's prophesy.

    1. I just heard that about Atlas Shrugged: Supposed to be a warning, not a newspaper.
      "How did we ever get to this point in American politics?"
      Lethargy. "Awake, O Sleeper. Arise!" is becoming my motto.

  4. Another Marx brother smoking choom!

  5. Consider Obama's record for veracity.

    His saying that ISIL isn't Islamic must mean that ISIL is Islamic.

  6. Anyone with reasoning abilities understands Obama is hesitant to denounce his religion. If he wasn't such a small man, he'd realize he travels the path of a fool.

  7. I'm always struck by the sophistication of the right.

    Obama is in a position where he HAS TO get cooperation from Muslim countries (Saudi, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan etc.). Quite a variety and a difficult task that can be made easier by stressing the threat that ISIS represents to them rather than getting all America centric and appearing that we are just bashing Islam again.

    Now from your post at the Queen Bee's I know you think that Hiroshima and Nagasaki "got their attention" and may be suitable templates.
    No thought to what happens in the aftermath or what China and Russia think about it (sort of like Bush and Iraq).

    But lob a few hot ones and the rag heads will step right back in line.
    That's why we don't take Teabags seriously.

    1. Feeling's mutual.
      He did not have to mention Islam at all.
      He felt he had to defend it.
      And I also said elsewhere to you I'm not for nuking them.
      Dresden was mentioned, and I repled with two other civilian centers whose bombing ended the war.
      Ended the war.
      Drop the "teabag".
      I don't call you names.