Sunday, October 19, 2014

The next time I'm anxious and can't sleep, I know what to listen to.

Old NFO posted a video of a family pet named "Vito".
When it was done, Youtube suggested many other videos.
This was one.
The "Michigan" motif attracted me.
The video's audio made me want lyrics.
They were hard to hear.
Even harder to read through the tears of joy.
I don't know why this song affected me the way it did.
It totally caught me by surprise.
(Lyrics below courtesy

"Vito's Ordination Song"

I always knew you
In your mothers arms
I have called your name
I've an idea
Placed in your mind
To be a better man
I've made a crown for you
Put it in your room
And when the bride groom comes
There will be noise
There will be glad
And a perfect bed

And when you write a poem
I know the words, I know the sounds
Before you write it down
When you wear your clothes
I wear them too, I wear your shoes
And the jacket too
I always knew you
In your mothers arms
I have called you son
I've made amends
Between father and son
Or if you haven't one

Rest in my arms
Sleep in my bed
There's a design
To what I did and said


  1. That IS a wonderful song. And I just watched COURAGEOUS for the second time and it sure comes to mind when I read your lyrics here; talk about making good men, of fathers forming good men to follow God. I hope you've seen it, it's an amazing movie!

    1. I own all the Sherwood movies.
      I love Courageous, Facing the Giants and Flywheel.
      I only like Fireproof when I watch it, not when I think of watching it. :)

  2. Thank you sir, I'll pass that along to PP for Vito... THAT will probably get him chewing the radio... sigh

    1. Or put him to sleep.
      Does Vito sleep? :)

  3. Almost spoiled by the anti Teri Lynn Land ad pasted across the bottom.

    1. Was that at the youtube site or the in blog player?
      When I play embedded videos I don't remember seeing ads.