Monday, May 11, 2015

Might I Request a Small Favor?

I've created another ad for Your Voice, You Ad.

The ad can be listened to here> Link to my ad.

It's an attempt of mine to supply some ammunition to the battle for the minds of voters.

Particularly voters that can be swayed from their current voting disposition.

Not all of us were born conservative.

So we've got to win some.

Oh, it would also feed my ego to hear my ad on the radio again like the last time.

So, here's the favor part.

Vote for my ad.
This is only an image. You can't vote here.
You have to go HERE to vote.
May I suggest that 5 Star icon on the left?
After selecting that, you must click the VOTE! icon.

So, please vote. 
I mean, you can listen if you want, but the important thing is to vote!

Thank You.


  1. Sorry Ed, not this time.

    The implication that leftists don't possess those qualities of community is a bridge too far.

    1. Sorry, Duck. Not meant.
      The implication was that conservatives do.

  2. Do we get an "I VOTED" sticker? :-) Done!!

    "The implication was that conservatives do." And without help from COMMUNITY ORGANIZERS, too! Imagine? !!