Sunday, June 14, 2015

I Am Transracialling

I've been trying to get my head around:

  • TAA Trade Adjustment Assistance (a phony racket and a sop to unions offering "retraining" for workers whose jobs were sold out) which by the rejection of the Democrats is holding up the
  • TPA Trade Promotion Authority (more executive authority for Obama) which would fast track the
  • TPP Trans-Pacific Partnership which would be just like
  • NAFTA and create a giant sucking sound across the Pacific of American jobs leaving these shores

My mexican compatriots are benefitting economically from Nafta at my expense.
All the car companies have moved manufacturing jobs there.

I resent Ted Cruz selling us out on another job sucking trade agreement and I can speak to that without being racist because I am Hispanic like him.

I was trimming the hedges and mowing my grass when I realized that I was born to
I realized the source of my unhappiness. I was living a lie.
I no longer identify with being Ukranian.

I've decided that if Bruce Jenner can call himself a woman,
Rachel Dolezal can pretend to be black and is an NAACP leader (!),
then I'm going to be Mexican (I've got Rodriguez relatives) and join La Raza.
From now on you must refer to me as a Mexican.

From now on, my vote will be sought by presidential candidates and not taken for granted.
I may get special status.

But for now I have to "press 2".

You anglos tick me off.

But I am still your neighbor:
Vote for me.


  1. I no longer identify with being Ukrainian.

    You ain't going Muscovite on us, are you?

  2. I'm 1/16th indian.

    My doctor says I must stop smoking. In my heart, I know she was referring to my peace pipe.

    The lawsuit should hit the newspapers any day.

    1. So, you are related to Elizabeth Warren?

  3. Haven't heard any update on the voting. Hope you advance (your ad is the best), but if you miss out on the trip to D.C. and lunch with Bennett, I'll see if I can arrange "a flight to Flint" for a complimentary coney island.