Thursday, June 11, 2015

I Appreciate Everything

I had e-mailed a number of people on my work contact list last night asking them to vote for me.

I met with friends from church last night at the bowling alley (church event) and was told that they couldn't vote.
I got on my friend's phone and checked and sure enough, voting had ended.

So I got on my phone and saw that I had received an e-mail from the operator of the Your Voice Your Ad campaign.
In it he said that nothing in life is certain, but that I should not miss the radio show today.
I took that as a good sign, and surprise, as I entered the office listening to the Bennett show I heard this: (my voice stops at the one minute mark if you want to skip to that)

So, this message is to thank all of you who voted.
I am so full of myself humbled by the outpouring of support and voting that I'm encouraged to ask more of you.

If you listened to the clip you already know that my ad "Neighbor" finished in the top eight nationally.

Now, I'm competing against 7 other ads, many of which are well done, but none of which, if they win, will get me the prize of a trip to D.C. (I'll get my shots).

So, I'm asking, I need you, to got to Your Voice Your Ad . <<<click link.

It will look like this:       (This is only a picture)

To the right of "I'm Your Neighbor", click "Send to Next Bracket",
           then click "Submit My Vote".
Then take the day off.
Tell your boss I said it's OK.
Or if that's not a good idea, treat yourself to something special.
You've Earned It!
If you're a conservative, you won't mind paying for it yourself.
If you're a liberal, ask the guy next to you.

Once again, Thank You.
Hopefully, we'll be doing this again next week.


  1. keep it up and good luck my friend!

  2. Oh, and by the way, when Drudge runs a headline like this morning's "PELOSI SAYS NO TO OBAMATRADE; TAKES BRAVE STAND FOR AMERICA" you know I was right when I said you should have dared to say "I'm your neighbor, I'm conservative, and I'm primarying any GOPe bastards so that conservative forces have a chance to save our liberties."

    1. Scary stuff, isn't it? Topsy Turvy. The world stood upside down.

    2. Ted "He's Psycho" Cruz loves it to death.

      It's enough to make a Republican wonder who's on your side.