Friday, February 10, 2017

Shhhh. It's a secret!

Trump is going to post another Travel Ban next week, but doesn't want to announce it yet.
He doesn't want to give America's enemies advance notice.
So they can't rule against him early.


  1. "So they can't rule against him early."

    I wish that were less true.

  2. "SECRET!" Then HOW DO WE KNOW!? :-)
    I saw that presser, too, and supposed he's not saying WHAT it'll be but he DID say it's coming! I wish he'd said nothing but he loves the drama.
    And, please, God, let this be handled better!!!

  3. LOL, he's twisting them in knots...

  4. I told this on the radio today, twice, and no one seemed to get it.

  5. Did you criticize the judges who constantly over turned obama's numerous executive orders? I didn't think so!

  6. Close the borders ! Deport the criminals ! Check the Warp Core Integrity ! Find some more potentially habitable planets ! Offer Free travel to the planet of your dreams !
    Put these suckers on (cheap) rockets and send them off into interstellar space with a week's supply of halal Pizza !

  7. Just sit at the welfare offices and round them up.

  8. Ed, apparently Z has me in moderation for some reason, so I wanted to at least let you know that I had responded to your post regarding Michigan voting:

    there's a disconnect somewhere in the reporting on Michigan voting irregularities. The State Bureau of Elections conducted a study of 136 precincts and found only 216 questionable votes; the Anderson Economic Group just completed a forensic election analysis, and found "no evidence for systematic fraud, tampering, or hacking of voting machines"; and Republican SecState Ruth Johnson issued a public statement, stating "there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud".


    1. Well that's not how it was reported after the election.
      That's weird. I'll persue this. Thanks.