Monday, September 21, 2020

What Would Jesus Do?

 "Wear your mask, it's the law."

No, it isn't. It's an illegal overreach by a governor or mayor not yet checked by a judge such as happened in Pennsylvania. 

Federal Judge Rules Pennsylvania Lockdown and Business Closure Orders Violate U.S. Constitution

There was a law in Jerusalem that allowed transactions in the Temple for the financial benefit of the rulers of Jerusalem that mocked the intent of the True Source of the Law.

If you wanted to transact in the Temple (marketplace) you had to follow the rules.

Unless you were Jesus. If you were Jesus and you knew the true Source of the Law, you made a whip out of what you had handy and you attacked the oppressors. You turned over the tables and you sent the cash registers flying. You did not go along quietly.

Similarly, there is a true origin of authority in this state (Michigan) and it originates with the people and it is vested in the state legislature. And it is being ignored by the governor and mayors so that they and theirs may profit.

How do they profit? They hope to impose their power on the people more securely in a socialist state.
All socialist movements first remove the Bourgeoise, the Middle Class.
As long as there is a middle class, there is an aspiration to remove yourself from poverty by utilizing the marketplace economy. 

If you remove that path, you then encourage the masses to improve their lot by throwing in with the revolution.

As the big corporate stores were/are kept open and the small middle class shops were/are closed, the middles class disappears. The owners lose their livelihood, go broke.

Jesus saw the unjust oppression of the masses by the rulers, the obscene markups on the Temple Gold.
The cornering of the market that they used to ensure their power and profit. 

He did not abide with it. He resisted. He overturned the tables. He did not follow the phony laws and was accused for it ("Why don't your men wash their hands? " Matthew 15:2)

When we say that Jesus meekly submitted Himself to the crucifixion, it was for a specific purpose, to buy our salvation, not to submit to unjust rulers, the ones He referred to as viper's and sons of the Devil. 

Don't use Christianity as an excuse to bow to Caesar, to close your church, to empower the ungodly.


  1. I could wish I'd written this, or something like it. Very well said, sir.

    1. If YOU approve, I am less concerned I was off track.
      Thank you.

  2. I wanted to share this; but facecrap says your content has been reported as abusive by snowflakes...

    1. I know. Go to my timeline and share it from there.

    2. The disgusting tyranny of the social media!

  3. I wear the mask in certain situations -- required or not. Loving my fellowman.

    1. My friend Mike has emphysema. He maintains social distancing and will wear a mask in certain situations.
      He is not a 27 year old.
      Do what you will, but have a good reason, as I'm sure you do, my friend.

    2. I haven't been wearing a mask as I deal with Becca, the person who is helping me our dog. Becca isn't wearing a mask either. We do stay 6 feet or more apart. The same applies to the man who installed the doggie zipline.

      All of us are also outside 99% of the time.

      PS: Mr. AOW and I have pre-existing conditions.

  4. "Radical fundamentalist Covidianism — the abiding belief that only lockdowns, social distancing, and masks can deliver us from the deadly pandemic."

  5. Ed,
    Having lived through the polio outbreaks here in the early 1950's -- yes, I'm old! -- I remember the measures taken. Voluntarily? That I do not know.

    BTW, there is precedence for government control during a public health threat. See this link.

    Another link, about mask-wearing requirements during the 1918 Flu Pandemic.

    1. I don't know if the sugar cubes were mandatory.
      But in school we took them because we were told to. :)

    2. Precedent got us a lot of poor governance.

  6. Contrary to popular beliefs, I am not old enough to remember when Christ walked the earth. But my reading of the New Testament strongly suggests to me that our Lord did not suffer fools.

    1. There are many proverbs regarding the foolish.
      None of them make the fool look exemplary. :)
      I am a reformed fool, having repented of my foolishness.
      Some people refuse to, at their peril.

      But you did know Saul, right?

    2. Bought a used car from him once ... but only once.