Thursday, May 20, 2021

Because the Government Never Lies....


The Covid Panic is running out.
They need a new reason to panic you, to overrule your rights.
Space Alien threat ought to do it.


  1. Well, our government always lies to us; but the UFO phenomenon isn't remotely new. You don't think there's something to it?

    1. I don't know more now than 40 yrs ago, so I don't know if there is anything to it.
      Except now the government is prepping us for something.
      Real or imagined.
      If Covid couldn't give us a one world government, Space Alien threat can.

    2. ....OK. I haven't really seen a coordinated campaign to use aliens as the venue toward world government [except in the movies]. But I have seen varying degrees of interest by our government in UFO's since at least the 1930's. Do you have a link illustrating what the government is doing at present, to lead you to your conclusion?

    3. Nope. But somebody mentioned to me about something called Project Blue Beam. Which looks a little iffy.
      You say you "haven't really seen a coordinated campaign to use aliens as the venue toward world government [except in the movies]"
      That doesn't mean it couldn't exist.
      I am in no way asserting it does.
      Similar to my previous post about The Great Heist.
      I don't have any proof of that.
      Just conjecture.

    4. That doesn't mean it couldn't exist.

      Fair point. I may have scoffed early on at movies depicting an invasive surveillance state......until I found myself living in one.

  2. Watched a recording of "The Roswell Incident" last night.
    I've been to the UFO Museum there and always believed there was truth to that story because an active military General swore to it. Now? I'm pretty sure it was just a bunch of people that enjoy being anxious about something in their lives.

  3. If we're lucky they'll just destroy us in one fell swoop.

    Way better than the long, drawn out version we're being subjected to now if you asked me.


    1. Reminds me of the campaign slogan last year: "Great Meteor 2020!".

  4. Replies
    1. And then, that might be part of the plot.
      They would be welcome.
      Gort. Klatuu Barada Nikto!

  5. Every time they talk about this on the news it makes me giggle. And now you know my view on the "alien" invasion. xx

  6. Not only that, if Biden mentions ONE MORE TIME we need to prepare for the NEXT PANDEMIC, I'm going to explode! What's he know...? What's he planning? Maybe they can then blame a virus on space aliens so they don't have to tick China off and Biden can continue to profit from them?

    1. Remember how the original movie War of the World's ended?
      One of our germs killed the aliens.

  7. So far these UFO's have not shot at any aircraft, ship, or other object on this earth. They seem to act like flies just to bother us every so often. I wonder if we swatted one down if we would get a reaction from them? So far they have been harmless and a good entertainment for a few people.