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Your American Heritage Aug 14, 2021

Good Afternoon and welcome to Your American Heritage where we talk about the two things you’re not supposed talk about in polite society: Religion and Politics. 

I’ll be your host today. Welcome.

The show is produced by Derek Stone, the hardest working man in radio.
He’s also the host of Stone Cold Sports, Sundays at noon thirty, right after my friend Sean Todd, the Rockin’ Rev on The Intersection at noon. 

Joining me today in the studio at WAAM Radio is Pastor Rick Deitering of Moment of Clarity.

Let’s open in prayer.
Father, please lead us and guide us in our discussion today,
And please do the same in our lives as we live them.
Please give us the wisdom we need as we fight the destruction of our country by the people who are supposed to be defending it. Please move mightily and either bring them to a place of repentance or remove them from power.
Please draw people into Your Kingdom, because ultimately, it is Your Kingdom that will survive and dominate.

This is free fall radio. Working without a net. We are live and current.
I’d like to announce that Pastor Artur will not be joining us today as planned, nor will he be speaking at Ignite Church this Wednesday. There were some serious lapses in communication with the organization that is handling his schedule and Pastor Sean Todd and I decided to postpone so that we could be better organized on a future date.
We will keep you informed. I announced this on Facebook.

It’s Day 206 of the coup. Our government has been taken and is being used against us.
You and I are under attack by our own government. Prove me wrong.
Our job is to resist. To support each other and to push back their agenda.
To encourage each other. That is one of the purposes of this show. To encourage and strengthen and provide a platform for those who would help us reclaim our nation.

In the news: We have abandoned Afghanistan. The Taliban pledged to break with Al- Qaeda under the Trump peace talks but never did. Al- Qaeda with Osama bin Laden attacked America 20 years ago on September 11th, 2001.
The anniversary is a month from now. Al- Qaeda won. The Taliban won. Helicopters off the roofs of Saigon.

This is not a failure to save the “nation” of Afghanistan, this is a failure to vanquish the enemies of America. Failure to destroy those who have vowed, or allied themselves with those who have avowed to destroy us.
Now we have an administration that is seeking to destroy us. Prove me wrong.

The fascist demonic left wants to demand that everyone gets the supposed vaccine.

Some are offering alternatives like wearing a stupid mask that does nothing and getting regular invasive testing that the inventor of the test says is inconclusive.
Business owners, particularly restaurant owners don’t know how to plan.
How much or what food to order.
Especially with rising prices due the inflation intentionally brought on by the rulers of this country.

 Once again, a vicious international organization has gained control and has sold America short to their financial enrichment. And we are all paying the price and no one understands the finances of what they did.
They took loans and bought stuff with borrowed American dollars, like gold and precious metals.
Then they drove the value of the dollar down by printing more money to cover these outrageous “infrastructure” bills to the tune of trillions. Then, when you and I are paying more for groceries, rent, gas, electricity they are selling some of what they bought to pay back in full what they borrowed in dollars that are worth less than when they borrowed them.

 They did this with the ChiVi attack. Was the Chinese Virus an intentional attack and planned release or did it accidentally get loose before they had perfected it to do even more damage.
Because if it wasn’t for the fear mongering, the marketing, the lies, this would not have been the tragedy it has become.
Now “The science is settled.” Shut up. Get your shot, the one that is designed to change your genetics.
Put a diaper on your face. Let us shove a bristle brush up your nose and pretend it will detect the virus and nothing else.
You get a jab or lose your job or get locked in your house.

The school season is coming up and many want to have your, our, kids and grandkids, get that flawed inoculation or wear a mask against a virus that is NO THREAT to them.

There is a threat to these kids and our country (as they are it’s future) that is so terrible and destructive, that it will take more than a mask or a shot to avoid.

They must be made to wear earplugs. And blindfolds.

There are people who are warriors, supporters of warriors and resistors to tyranny.

When you stand up to tyranny, you are a warrior. Everyday warriors.
Here’s one:

That was one. Here’s another. My Guest today is Ilona Rugg:

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  1. Wouldn’t you like to know Who Is Running the Government While Joey Bi-done Is on Vacation?

    While the Taliban is taking over Afghanistan, and while Ten’s of Thousands of ILLEGAL’S are STILL flooding into our Country via our Southern Border!
    The Taliban is conquering Afghanistan and slaughtering and torturing Men, Women, and Children, and our Puppet President is basking in the Sunshine somewhere with is Nurse Jill. .
    All this is happening while the Americans who sacrificed their lives or were severely maimed have been dishonored by our Weakness. .

    The Department of Homeland Security has issued a cautionary warning about the likelihood of a terrorist attack, as the Afghans are running wild, taking over just about every Major City in the Shit-Hole Nation, the only question left is where is the Next? .
    The Taliban is now in possession of thousands of our discarded weapons, Vehicles, and Helicopters. They stormed the Prisons releasing all the prisons that housed around 5,000 of their fellow fighters.
    Hundreds of Millions of dollars were wasted, that was invested in the detention facilities housing those prisoners. .All the progress made by President Trump in the War on Terror seems to has been complely erased by Joe Biden’s efforts , as the Department of Homeland Security issued a New Terrorist Threat Alert on Friday, reported by the Washington Times. According to the report, Department of Homeland Security has detected new Signs of Life in al Qaeda just ahead of the 20th anniversary of the 2001 Terrorist Attacks. As Delusional Joey said he does not regret his decision to withdraw from Afghanistan. So in the wake of all this, and throw in the devastating 7.2 earthquake and the suffering of the Haitian people. And the FACT that our Southern Border is still wide open, and we are being invaded by thousands of illegal aliens that are flooding our nation with disease, crime, and yes even terrorists.

    And all this time, Joey Biden is on vacation, and Americans are wondering how soon the United Nations and the rest of the Progressive Communist Democrats will see the horrific videos of the beheadings that have already begun.
    So the question of the day is Who Is in Charge?
    For certain, it isn’t Joey Biden or Camela Harris , the two both sock puppets for Susan Rice and the rest of the Obama leftovers. .All while our current problems are being distracted by the Progressive Communist Democrats in Nancy Pelosi’s House! about an January 6th Insurrection that never happened, and the “manipulation”, and mishandling of our Elections goes on. .

    1. The terrorist threat criteria also included Covid sceptics and election fraud complainers.

  2. Well said Ed and Bix Poindexter. Agree 100%. Our only hope is in Jesus Christ and massive non-compliance to ANY and ALL "laws" (mandates) passed down from the demons.
    In the meantime, we anxiously await our blessed hope Jesus to return and set up His righteous kingdom.

  3. I did a post for Bunkerville the other day and titled it “Last helicopter out.” Bunkerville, being sensitive to copyright issues, selects her own visuals for any posts she puts up — and I’m perfectly fine with that. She included in my post a video of the evacuation of Saigon. I suspect she used the Saigon video because that seems to be the corollary most frequently used by politicians and pundits. One frequent commenter, a retired Marine, argued that the Saigon video was incompatible with the facts in Afghanistan. His point was that Afghanistan was more like the fall of Cambodia and Laos when communists murdered millions of Cambodians and Laotians. He was right to observe the possibility of seeing this again as soon as the Taliban re-acquires Afghanistan’s 34 provinces (which could take place within the next twelve or so minutes).

    It appears that the US failed in almost every category of conflict resolution, nation-building, foreign aid/assistance, and of course, promises made. This is what happens whenever government officials are confused about what to do with a lethal enemy: kill him or sleep with him.

    What boggles my mind is the utter stupidity of the US government. Bush initially claimed that our mission in Afghanistan was retribution for 9/11. He later decided that re-building Afghanistan was the proper ticket to transform the Afghans into a civilized society. Even later than that, Laura Bush assured the American people that US operations in that god-forsaken place were actually intended to save the women from their abusive husbands.

    How does one rebuild a nation that never existed? Afghanistan has always been a collection of warlords seeking to gain advantages over others of their persuasion. This is not new history; it’s been a fact for the past 2,300 years. Moreover, if the Bush family’s “kinder-gentler” approach was the result of their concern about the tears of women, why were they not concerned that Bush’s idiotic war brought tears to thousands of American mothers, wives, and sweethearts?

    The mind-boggling continues with the realization that the strongest nation in the world couldn’t get the job done in 20 years. The fact is that we aren’t losing wars because we lack resources; we lose wars because the idiots in charge (National Military Command Authority and Congress) are not themselves warriors and have no stomach for what it takes to win. This is the likely result of trying to put a soft edge on the horror of war. War is a terrible thing. It is so awful that we should try to avoid war whenever possible. But when we cannot avoid it, then we must reconcile ourselves to win it in as ghastly a manner as needed, and get it over with quickly, decisively, and with a clear message to any potential transgressor: do not attack the US, any of its property, or any of its people. The Afghanistan question could have been over and done within twelve hours of the NMCA’s decision to go to war. A massive shock of light over Kabul might even have helped us avoid the other Iraq conflict.

    If we went there to save the people, all we have done is guarantee them greater suffering.

    The eggheads inside the beltway (and I include all those three-and-four star military leaders who have never experienced the acrid taste or smell of combat) have demonstrated time and again that they are incapable of learning history’s lessons. Maybe it is time for the American voter to make better choices about who will lead our country into the future.

  4. “How does one rebuild a nation that never existed?“ Good question. Dunno. Maybe we should talk to some bright boys who graduated from the Harvard Kennedy School with a degree in International and Global Affairs. THEY’LL have answers. (Not likely good ones. Likely ones that keep getting us surprised by messes created in ignorance.) I kept highlighting good comments to follow up on, but then I’d have to just copy your whole post, Mustang. Well put!

    I mentioned elsewhere my prayer at the start of this whole war was that we would not rely on having the biggest toolkit on the block, but seek wisdom or hubris or grievance. We shoudda stuck with retribution. Full stop.

  5. that would be wisdom OVER hubris. Gads!

  6. Speaking of bright boys who show up in their rolex watches without resume .... I was just introduced to the pitiable Jake Sullivan, our national security advisor. He's everything Mustang describes from time to time with the disdain earned from actual experience and reflection. Tucker Carlson characterized him as a man who's never really had a job. It's true. I checked. Worked in a law office briefly.