Monday, May 25, 2015

After the War

Well, I've been posting it everywhere else.
Why not here.

Celebrate Memorial Day.
Celebrate the gift they gave.
Honor the men that fell.

Saturday, May 23, 2015


A person only has so much time on their hands.
Mine is occupied by work, home issues, leaving pithy comments on other peoples blogs, engaging in firefights on FaceBook with idiots (gotta cut back on that) and lately creating ads for this campaign, 
I just created a couple more ads,
They take time to edit and time to record and re-record.
This morning I woke up with the notion "How did I get here?"
That inspired an ad, the text of which is:

Have you ever been in line to vote and seen your neighbors in the line for a different precinct and asked yourself "Am I were I should be?".

Have you ever gone out with friends, and they were driving, and a decision was made to go somewhere you'd rather not go, and when you got there you realized that wasn't where you wanted to be?

Have you found yourself driving down the road, and later noticed that you're not on the same road, but you made no turns. 
It turns out the road turned left at that list intersection, but you didn't?

It wasn't your fault, it's just that something changed and you hadn't noticed.

Perhaps you've been voting with a certain group of people and you've come to realize those people no longer believe in a strong America. 

They no longer believe in rewarding work, instead of rewarding inactivity.

They insist that God no longer be a part of their political platform. Repeatedly.

They insist that mothers have the right to kill their babies even at the point of delivery. 

What are you to do when you find yourself in this place?

Recalculating route, please turn at the next available opportunity.

Pick a new way, vote for a different group of people, those who share your values instead of using you to promote their own.

Join us in restoring America to its core values.  
Vote Republican.

Another that I did Thursday night:

(Opens with Twilight Zone theme)
Imagine this: 
Living in a land where you're president addresses one of the most highly esteemed military academies on the planet,  preparing the Warriors as they face the challenges ahead  and tells them:
Wear a raincoat 
Button up
Put on your galoshes!
Why is he warning them of the weather, climate change, instead of the military challenges they'll surely face?
Because he does not understand the challenges that face this country and endanger it.
He has reduced the size of the Navy to pre World War 2 size.
He has caused morale to sink as he tries to make the military politically correct.
But his is a mindset not alone.
He has a large body of politicians who support him in weakening America.
You know who they are.
You only have one other alternative to them.
This next election, vote for a strong America.
Vote Conservative.
Vote Republican

These ads are not currently available for vote, so don't try, not that I'm seeing a lot of response to my begs for votes here or from my family and friends on Facebook.

Now, I know that the Republican Party is not the salvation of this country and that a number of it's members are a part of the problem.

So, I believe that just as the hard left hijacked the Democrat Party, that conservatives can do the same with the Republican Party.

Next election, if we don't get a solid front Republican Party vote against the dems, we lose.
Long term. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Vote! and Vote Often!


Vote for this ad also.

Click ME.

Update: I am so disappointed. I thought I had more friends than that who would vote for me.
Thanks to those who did.

Now with kittens!:

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Today's Bible Study

Open your Bibles to .... Oh man, Somebody did this already.

I was on the radio yesterday, same show, twice. It's a good show.
First comment was about GPS, but the second (5 minute mark) was in response to a short Bible Study the host did on Paul's Thorn in the Flesh (or as I put it, his "Pain in the Butt").

I explained to Linda (who co-owns the station with her husband, Thayrone), that Paul's thorn was not illness or impairedness, but the relentless attack on him by those Jews seeking to squelch Christianity by squelching Paul.
They hounded him, had him stoned to death and imprisoned.
In that order.


So I was going to write about it today and in googling the verse to copy and paste, I found that this guy, Andrew Wommackdid a pretty good job already.

But he didn't say "Pain in the Butt".

That's what makes a great Bible teacher.

Maybe I'll post a video of kittens instead.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Armed Forces Day

Thanks guys.
Sorry about your boss.
Hang in there and he'll be gone soon.
Thought of removing him yourself?

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Well, The Results Are In...

I don't seem to have won the contest this week. (See earlier post).
I appreciate all the votes.
I'm not sure I agree with the decision of the three that were played, but one of them was pretty good.
I thought the direction should be more of enticement instead of incitement (clever, eh?) and their ads appeared to be more essay than ad.

So, I did appear on the show, and I'm pleased with the way I came across on air, I got Bill to laugh and I got an applause track. You can hear it here, by clicking on the link at the end of this post.

Now, I've mentioned this whole thing to some friends and to provide them easy links to the progression of radio appearances and content, I am providing the following links:

Appearance on Bennett Show asking him to vote for my first ad featuring my granddaughter Keira.
I edited some political talk out.

Last year an ad won its creator a trip for four to see Bob Seeger , meals and transportation included.
Later, a young black lady created a great ad, and Bill suggested tickets to see Luther Vandross.
Luther left this planet some time ago, and Bill got ribbed for it.
So the guys tweaked Bill and suggested I get tickets to see Frank Sinatra.
The Your Voice Your Ad guys talking about my earlier ad and playing it.
For them playing it on air, I won a coffee mug.

On a later show, Bill asked if anyone knew how to pronounce the name of the governor of Ohio, John Kasich.
A good guy, Mike from Ann Arbor, formerly of Croatia, told Bill it was pronounced KasITCH.
John Kasich later informed Bill it was pronounced KasICK.
Then Bill asked on air if anyone knew how to pronounce the name of the Turkish Foreign Minister.
I called in.
And I impersonated a Turk. 

For my effort, I received a signed copy of Bill's book, The Book of Man, about being a man, which I was going to buy for my grandson Devon. Now, I'll give him this copy.

To thank Bill, I called into the show this morning and I think it went well.

Of course, there is the ad I created, asking you to vote for it,
I'm Your Neighbor which I told him I was not going to ask him to vote for.

I know this post seems self indulgent, but it's something I'm really happy about, and it gives me a single place to send my friends to, who are interested.

So that's it. Thanks for listening, reading and commenting.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Might I Request a Small Favor?

I've created another ad for Your Voice, You Ad.

The ad can be listened to here> Link to my ad.

It's an attempt of mine to supply some ammunition to the battle for the minds of voters.

Particularly voters that can be swayed from their current voting disposition.

Not all of us were born conservative.

So we've got to win some.

Oh, it would also feed my ego to hear my ad on the radio again like the last time.

So, here's the favor part.

Vote for my ad.
This is only an image. You can't vote here.
You have to go HERE to vote.
May I suggest that 5 Star icon on the left?
After selecting that, you must click the VOTE! icon.

So, please vote. 
I mean, you can listen if you want, but the important thing is to vote!

Thank You.