Thursday, January 19, 2017

Local Socialism

I commented the following in response to a post by Jess.

To set the scene:
My son thought he'd do a house flip. He's a registered builder and a realtor.
What a nightmare.
He found a house for $10k. Opened the door and found a flooded basement with a broken pipe for who knows how long.
He rebuild a foundation wall.
Repoured the basement slab.
Thoroughly remodeled the interior.
New wiring. New High Efficiency furnace and water heater.
Removed the chimney.
Resided the exterior.
New windows and cabinetry.
New bath,
A very nice house now, it turns out it is zoned commercial, surrounded by similar houses (also zoned commercial) whose property value has gone up due to his renovation.

Comment begins:
My son is trying to get a zoning variance so that if the house he is trying to sell should burn, the new owner can rebuild as a residence, since they rezoned his property commercial as part of "The Master Plan".

If the house should burn, since it is in a commercial zoning district, there is no guarantee that he can rebuild a residence. Even though the property was a residence and is amongst other residential homes.
Pretty Kafkaesque.

Every meeting he goes to, every official he talks to refers him to the same person, who continually tells him he cannot get a variance until the house actually burns down, whereupon there is a good chance the new owner (if the new owner can actually get financed under these conditions to buy the place) will get a variance.
But the variance cannot be given in advance, and they refuse to rezone in deference to "The Master Plan".

It sounds so socialist.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


The guy on the Left (literally) pardoned the traitor Bradley Manning (shown in uniform).
While technically "commuting" the sentence (shortening it to time served), it falls under the pardon powers granted the president.

Manning released Top Secret information (transferred to a thumb drive) that cost the lives of American Servicemen.
And Obama and the Left are concerned about Russian hacking?

Come Friday, come.

Many are asking why Obama would do such a thing.
The answer is in the parable of the wicked steward.
The wicked steward seeing he is about to lose his job, renders debt to his present master uncollectable, for his own purposes, so that when he is removed from office he will be well received by his new masters.
Obama wants to be a major figure still, on the left.

Constitutional Insurgent also weighs in.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Nothing New Under the Sun

Did another show Saturday.
It's a fairly regular gig, Saturday afternoons live at 2pm Eastern.

Call in number is
I won't be on this coming Saturday.

Last Saturday we talked about the Ft. Lauderdale shooting, election "hacking" and with Rep Tim Walberg in the second half of the show about things to look for in the new Congress regarding regulations, the Trump administration and a fresh start.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

A Funny Story

A couple weeks ago, I did the radio show, which is becoming a regular gig.

I'm Ed McMahon to Gary Wellings.

The Link is here, and in it I tell a story about my prom date who went on to become Miss Michigan, and how it happened.

I describe my high school, but don't name it. It starts at the 31 minute mark.

I sent the link to my boss because he's interested in the show, now.
Also, I thought it was one of my better efforts.

We've been incredibly busy at work, even over the holidays, with a new product launch.
We had engineers in the plant on Christmas day.
They're Muslims, so it wasn't a big deal to them.
I had to go check the alarms because nobody told me they were going to be there.

So I'm home one evening around 10pm and I get a text message from my boss, the Director of Operations.

"Did you go to St. Mary's?"

I did not know what prompted this. I was afraid he had Facebooked me.

I answered, "If you mean did I attend Catholic Central which merged later with St. Mary's Academy for Girls to become SMCC, yes. Why?

He replied he had attended there.

Then he said that his father-in-law announces the football games.
I replied that a classmate and former friend of mine (who is now a big time radio personality in Detroit, Paul W. Smith) announced our games.

He then names his father-in-law.
His FIL is another classmate of mine.

Scherie asks why I'm laughing at my phone.

Then he names some other classmates of mine, one of whom he used to work with.

I ask how he knew, and he said he was listening to the radio show in his office.

We still grin at it.

He told me he hangs out with his FIL and my former classmates more than people his age.

Amazing. Yesterday, he said his FIL said "Hi".

Small world.

In case you're interested, I did another show yesterday.

Scherie had the show on yesterday afternoon and our son Scott was home visiting from the navy while it was on. He was very surprised to hear me on the radio.

On the show, I made two points I would have liked to develop here.

One is that Obama may be poking the bear in order to set up a situation requiring him to declare martial law and retain the presidency.
We talked about that a while.

The other is that Obama and Kerry are channeling their inner anti-semites after the left accused Trumps associates of the same.

Ask Bibi who he thinks is anti-semite.
They're called Jews because they are from Judea which long predates "Palestine".
Their religion long predates a competing religion in the region that is as made up as "Scientology".
The Western Wall (and Jerusalem as a whole in the hands of Jews) long predates Mohammed and his fantasies.

Well, may we all have a prosperous and Happy New Year.
I still find it hard to believe that we dodged the Clinton Tragedy.
Let us pray that God delivers us from evil.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Thursday, December 8, 2016

A Classic, by it's Author

Mark Lowery has been a stand up comedian and author for years.
Gaither Vocal Band 
If you don't know who they are, check your salvation :)
And then he writes this.
That's him, seated.

You're welcome.

And here he is, years ago. See if you can catch the genesis of the song.

And I'm on a roll here.
This is hilarious:

And then there is this, which I had to stop and restart repeatedly so Scherie and I could wipe the tears of laughter from our eyes: