Sunday, August 9, 2020

Your Knee Is On My Neck. I Can't Breathe!

We are being oppressed by our local and state governments.
They are telling us we cannot worship in assembly.
We cannot conduct business as we have for centuries.
We cannot congregate.
Our voice in the public square is being suppressed.
Our lives are threatened by rioters and the rioters are protected.

Hey government! Your knee is on my neck I can't breathe free.

How long will a populace have their rights trampled by a governess who clearly acts in an illegal manner, uncontested by their duly elected representatives or the judiciary?

When will they have had enough and rise up to take matters in their own hands?

When will the masses realize they have been conned, driven by an unwarranted fear to submission to a dictator?

On Your American Heritage I talked with historian and author William J. Federer.

It's fascinating and engaging. And his discourse on the Jacobins and Antifa and the attempt to overthrow our civilization to remake it in their own image, socialist hell, is worth it.
But the insight on the influences of our founding is eye-opening.
I thought I knew a lot of this stuff, but learned much more.

You can listen to the conversation here: Your American Heritage 8 8 2020 

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Coronadoom, Church and Culture Clash

Two great guests today.
Talking Coronadoom, church and culture with Professor William Wagner of the Great Lakes Justice Center.

Then Matt Briggs (William M. Briggs) Statistician to the Stars!
What does the science say?


And I like this guy's attitude:


Thursday, July 30, 2020

Why Not Hydroxycloroquine?

If it works:
  • We don't need a lockdown.
  • We don't need masks.
  • We could restore our economy.
  • Churches could revert to previous occupancy.
  • You couldn't sell a vaccine.
  • We would vote in November.
  • Trump would be re-elected.