Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Good Man Concluded His Race

My Brother-in-law, Bob Adis passed Saturday.
We attended his funeral today.
I came across a tribute to him at another blog.

I couldn't say it any better.

I knew Bob since I was 5 years old.
He dated my sister and later married her and stayed with her for 55 years, almost to the day.
He was like a father to me at times.
I lived in his home and ate at his table.

Bob became a born again Christian late in life.
But he made up for lost time, teaching Bible Study, doing outreach to the less fortunate.

When the funeral concluded, he got a standing ovation.

I'm proud to say, I knew Bob.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Separated at Birth

Let's listen to Donald say "Screw the Constitution! Let's vote now!"
Or something like that.

Why am I reminded of:

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Ypsilanti Heritage Festival

It was my birthday yesterday.
I had meant to take a vacation day since my calendar was almost empty.
But an upper management type decided a project my group was working on had to be done by Monday.
Total nonsense, but no choice.
So, I was there until after five.
And not happy about it.
Some friends wanted to take me to dinner, but I was so beat I asked them to put it off til Sunday after church.
So Scherie and I went to my favorite restaurant, Haabs, and we had  forgotten that the Ypsilanti Heritage Festival was this weekend causing us to park a few blocks away.
So glad we did.
As we approached the sound, I thought it was a black lives rally.
Then I heard the music behind the chanting and was intrigued.
So we approached.
Then we got hooked.
I used to preach in a church like this in Detroit.
Oh, the joy.
You can tell some of these people have been places we thank God we never went, and Jesus, Precious Jesus, pulled them out and gave them hope.
We stayed and worshiped awhile.

It's funny. You can't put a nativity in a park, but we had church in the street!

That Marquee on the far right? That's the local "Gentleman's Club".

We went on to dinner after a half hour or so.

Approaching the restaurant:

Mike greeted us at the door and we ate well.
Free dessert!

I hope you have a great day today.

You never know how they'll turn out.

And as I type this, the thunder of a B-17 over my roof brings a huge smile to my face.

And Happy Birthday Jerry!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Choices, Choices

Is there a difference between the two major political parties?
Where to start.

All major decaying cities are, and have been, governed by democrat politicians, often proven corrupt (see Kwamie Kilpatrick).

The LBJ (democrat president) Great Society has caused the breakup of the black family and ultimately black social fabric resulting in multiple sperm donor mothers with fatherless broods of children.

The Democrat Party full throttle supports Planned Parenthood in an attempt to kill many of these children before they are born.

Under the current Democrat president, the economy sputters along, social spending (welfare) masking a second Great Depression with an unemployment rate that (when unadjusted by liars) equals the 25% of the 1930's,

The same 1930's, whose depression was prolonged by another socialist democrat president, FDR, who if not for the victory in WWII, would be remembered as an abject failure.

There's a reason why presidential terms were limited after his reign.

One of the most remarkable turnarounds of the American Economy was under the leadership of a former actor turned Republican leader named Ronald Reagan, who caused the Russian threat to freedom to collapse.

The current democratic president, Barack Hussein Obama, (whose birth name was Sotero), supports Muslim Brotherhood dictatorships hostile to our country , yet vilifies or distances us from traditional allies, has just signed an agreement with Iran, a nation hostile to America and responsible for the death of many of our citizens.

This deal will allow them to police themselves in the hope that they will not allow themselves to get the nuclear weapons they have been seeking for decades.

And his administration is heralding this a diplomatic victory, while hiding the details of the agreement from the citizenry.

The foremost Democratic Party candidate for the presidency has engaged in documented fraud and cover-up of what appear to be a criminal lack of judgment concerning national security.
And the runner up behind her is an admitted socialist.

The foremost contender for the Republican Party candidacy is a blowhard billionaire businessman known for his transparency and inability to hide a thought about anything.
The runner up is a brilliant brain surgeon who rose out of poverty in a hellhole governed by democrats.

So.  If you had to choose a party to support in the upcoming election, which do you think it might be.
It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure that out.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Living in Two Worlds

And while it will probably get greater exposure there, I thought I'd post it here:
Having lived in two worlds, one rejecting biblical values and the other embracing them, I have long remained in the second.
The change came about when I realized that as smart as I am, there was something greater than man at work in the world.
And He was trying to get my attention.
There is something reassuring about that.
To acknowledge His superiority was to realize I must live by His "rule".
Many confuse the rigid law of religion with the liberating guidance and enabling of the Spirit.
I have found so much satisfaction in life with the latter.
And yet I fully understand the position of those who reject both of those.
I said all that to explain that while I realize that others might think I willingly put on a slave collar and gave up my sovereignty to something less proven than the flying spaghetti monster, I have determined that there is a larger logic at work that when recognized brings a relief.
I don't have to build a world view by trial and error.
That hard work has been done for me.
And in general it seems that America prospered by living by that world view. Not by government fiat, but by common societal agreement.

Any thoughts?