Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Carpenter Ants

Devon: Look at the base of this tree, grandpa.

Ed: Yes son, that's really something.

Devon: What did this?

Ed: Well, those are carpenter ants.

Devon: But I thought carpenters build things. This tree is being destroyed.

Ed: Well, that's the funny thing about carpenter ants.
They have a name that seems to indicate they're constructive, but they're very destructive  and cut at the very foundation of these trees until they fall over.

You know son, there's people that have constructive sounding names.

They call themselves liberals or progressives, but what they really do is eat at the base of the tree of liberty.

They cut away at the very foundation of America, leaving it weak and damaged.

Most of their activity goes on for years, out of sight, like these carpenter ants,
until suddenly, one day, it's exposed.

Then there's a lot of repair work to do.

Conservatives try to conserve the ideals and notions that built the foundation of this nation, Devon.
Not undermine it with ideas that don't work.

You need to figure out:
When you grow up, do you want to build the country up, or tear it down?

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

This Isn't FaceBook

See that guy on the right over there?
Chattering Teeth?

I wish I had his talent.

As long as I didn't have to give up mine.

Friday, June 26, 2015

The Supreme Court Ruling Today

  1. Is a violation of the Constitution. It overrode the rights of the states.
  2. Some say the government should not be in the marriage business in the first place. The government is only involved in marriage for tax benefits that promote family and establish inheritance rights (which of course is watered down by the death tax).So please don't say government should stay out of marriage. Government is a reflection of society and marriage has always been a social contract because of family.
  3. Now my and your tax dollars will go to provide benefits to couples who by definition cannot procreate to produce families. That is a travesty.
  4. We've yet to see how this will impact religious rights
    Will churches be forced to celebrate this the way bakers are?
It's not marriage. It cannot be without twisting the definition which refers to the joining of complimentary bodies in a physical union that produces fruit.
Regardless of how you feel about gays, the court just stole your rights as a citizen of your state to pretend another right exists.
So when you get your way, by tyranny, it's OK. You got your way.

Remember, If rights come from the government, the government can take them away.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thank God That's Over!

I want to thank everyone who voted for, advised and encouraged me in the contest for Your Voice Your Ad.

I made the Final Two!

Which is to say, I came in second.

For which I am thrilled.

I never expected to get first place, although I thought it was a possibility.
I did however expect the first place to be a different selection.
I thought it would be Ladissah and "Black Lives Matter" which was anti-abortion and very appealing.

I had called in to the show earlier to voice a comment on the Obama plan to not prosecute ransom paying family members. Pretty much the same comment I made at Z's blog on the same issue.

Here is the audio from the announcement this morning.

Thanks again to all who helped promote my effort on their blog, Facebook, contact list, etc.
I truly couldn't have done it without you.

Monday, June 22, 2015

What if they gave a riot, and nobody came?

Shooting outside a liquor store : Riot.
Shooting inside a church : Prayer Meeting.
Do you see a pattern here?

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Almost Went To Jail Over This

Not really, but that's how headlines work (right Jerry?).

Yesterday I was driving home from work.
I had arranged to call in to the Thayrone X drivetime talk show on WAAM Radio, local to Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti.
Thayrone was going to let me plug my ad in the Your Voice Your Ad contest.

I had pulled over to the side of the road to talk to him, emergency flashers on.
So while we were talking on air, a dark blue SUV with flashing lights pulls up behind me.
I'm trying to wrap up talking to Thayrone as the cop walks up to the window.

You can listen to it here.

So after I go off air with Thayrone, the officer and I talk.
He asks what I'm doing and I tell him.
He takes my license and my CPL and goes back to his car.
When he comes back, he asks me to explain it to him again.
I'm grinning from ear to ear and I tell him again.
He asks what I would win and I tell him a trip to Washington.
He smiles and I ask him to vote for me and told him how.
He smiles and I shake his hand and tell him thanks for his service.

I get back on the road, turn on the radio and shortly hear Thayrone come back after a commercial and announce that his wife Linda just called and that I was getting a ticket as he and I talked.
He hadn't heard the references to the police while we were talking.

So I called Linda on air today and explained everything.

My cheekbones hurt from smiling so much.

Friday, June 19, 2015

In the Final Four!

I entered my office Thursday morning, listening to the radio on my phone, got to my desk, linked to WAAM Radio online on my laptop,
and the office got to hear, as it was happening,
the announcement that my ad, "Your Neighbor", is in the Final Four of the national competition.
Click here to listen.

Some excitement filled the room and I was on cloud nine.

A little bit later I heard some more talk on the show about my ad that was very positive.

However, a friend of mine, Tom (I had promised Tom that if he networked enough with his large social media cloud and I won #1, he and his wife could join us in D,C,) called in to the show.
This is his audio. <Click me>

Tom told me later though, that while he was on hold during a commercial break he overheard that there was an ad, not mine, that was doing exceptionally well.
I suspect they meant that it was thought favorably by media reps it was played for (from some on-air comments about that ad), but Tom suspects they meant votes.

So I need every vote, every share, every recommendation that you can spare.

As I said in my previous post, I was on the local radio station Saturday pimping plugging my ad.
Linda, the station manager, said they might have me as a regular feature and the station may play the ad through the week!
I was floored.
Segment here: The American Dream. 
And another host wanted me to call in today for his popular drivetime show, to shill for myself.

Last night another Show Host contacted me about co-hosting his show the weekend of July 4th.
Of course the audience would be extremely small.

To sum up.
For me to recognize my media mogul aspirations and become the next Rush Limbaugh, I need your help:

  1. Go to Your Voice Your Ad, by clicking the link.
  2. Click the "Send to next bracket" next to my name, and then, importantly, 
  3. Click "Submit my Vote!".
  4. Let me know you did. Please.
Thank you.