Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Let Me Get This Straight

I was on Bennett this morning and we discussed this topic.
Link: Ed on Bennet about Planned Parenthood
And how much I sound like Roy Orbison. :)

Original Post:
A woman wants an abortion.
She goes to Planned Parenthood for one.

Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood clinic director, says that it is the direction to employees to shake down each woman who walks through the doors.
If the pregnancy is more advanced than previously thought, the price goes up while the victims are still on the table. Two victims per table.

So the price of an abortion starts out at about $400, but if the baby is a little older, then the price rises $100 to $500 or more.

Now Planned Parenthood, that paragon of helping women, after charging for the abortion, sells the remains of the baby they kill for more than the abortion costs.

And the farther along the pregnancy, the more money they get, both from the mother, and from the purchaser of the baby parts.

What a racket.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Complaint

Why when I oversleep on Saturday morning, but feel like I've made up for a week of lost sleep a little, do I wake up at 4am on Sunday and can't fall back asleep after only 4 hours?

I do not want to hear "There is no rest for the wicked."

Scherie, who just had another surgery this week and is recovering and off her pain meds, is sawing logs .

Maybe I'll get a nap during the sermon. I might sit in the back today. :)

Friday, July 24, 2015

This is too weird for me...

"Stop The World" Lyrics
by Randy Stonehill | from the album Celebrate This Heartbeat

Well it's okay to murder babies
But we really ought to save the whales
We're putting criminals in office
Cause it's way too crowded in the jails
T.V. is our teacher now
The schools are overrun by thugs
And children skip their innocence
and graduate to sex and drugs
Right is wrong and wrong is right
White is black and black is white
I think I just lost my appetite
Stop the world I want to get off

Stop the world 
I want to get off
This is too weird for me
Stop the world
I want to get off
I get the defininte impression
That this isn't how it's meant to be
No, no

Fear is taking over 
Anxiety is on the rise
Well you can feel it in the air
You can see it in your neighbor's eyes
The working man is deperate
He can't support his family
And we could pull the nation
Out of debt for what
We spend on locks and keys
And even suburbia is under attack
They're all buying handguns 
Trying to fight back
There's a vigilante picnic
In the cul de sac
Stop the world I want to get off

Stop the world
I want to get off
This is too wierd for me
Stop the world
I want to get off
I've just got to find a planet
Where they're intersted in sanity
Hey yeah

I wish I had some spaceman gear
I swear I'd fly away from here
I cry to God this fervent prayer
"Oh, please, just take me anywhere
Don't leave me here"

We take our loftiest intentions
And engrave them all neatly in stone
And once they're safely up there
We'd prefer that they just leave us alone
Cause it's the law of the jungle
With distinctly carnivorous vibes
Yeah, we may dress up in tuxedos
But we function like germanic tribes
It's the age old sin in a modern day
From the club of Cain to the laser ray
But now we can blow everybody away
Stop the world I want to get off

Stop the world
I want to get off
This is too weird, a little too weird
Stop the world
I want to get off
I've just got to find a planet
Well I've just got to find a planet
Got to find a planet where
They're interested in sanity

yeah, yeah
Somebody stop the world
Ooh yeah
Somebody stop the world.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

My New Radio Gig

I was asked to co-host a local radio show today.
Not national, but it reaches all of southeast Michigan and the world (on the net).
I was filled with apprehension as I didn't want to let on how little I actually knew on a radio show.

The other guest host goes by "Mike from Ann Arbor".
If I had time, I would spend days researching Mike's story.

There's a reason he doesn't go by his last name.
Quite a history.
An honor to be on the air with him.
And Gary Wellings, who I discovered is the brother of a guy I used to have lunch with daily!
I asked, at the urging of Scherie, after the show ended, and Gary smiled like he knew the question was coming, but he had to leave abruptly.

Well, here's the show.
I referred to comments by Pascal and Ducky and referenced a discourse with Z.
We talked Planned Parenthood, Chattanooga and the TPP.
Brandon Drake who used to appear on the show called in to redirect us to Iran.

So, here it is:

Earlier in the afternoon I was appealed to call in to The American Dream in response to another caller, Ken from Livonia.
I got to make a few points about Christianity in America and the schools.

I'm curious what you think. I usually listen to myself to critique (I don't umm and ahhh as much as Obama), but a couple extra ears wouldn't hurt.

Thursday, July 16, 2015


Barbarism is not an inordinate hatred of women (or men) named Barbara.
Barbarism is the activity of being barbaric.
Barbaric is when you routinely do something cruel and inhumane.
You know, torturing people as a matter of routine.
Cutting off lady parts so the feeling of pleasure is removed.
Mass beheading of multiple victims for propaganda purposes.
Killing little babies while they are still in their mothers womb.

Talking about selling the choice organs of those babies you tortured over a glass of Chardonnay.

Monday, July 13, 2015

A Comment I Made at Brigid's

A few years ago, I was asked to teach the Bible at another local church.
I'm still amazed at the circumstances that led to that and may share them some day.
While we were there, Scherie and I got our CPLs.
We asked the pastor for permission to carry and he agreed, as a few others had asked him.

When we returned to our home church a couple years later, I asked if we could carry to church and the pastor asked if we could leave them in the car.
I said we could, if we parked off church property.
He said we could carry in church, so the next Sunday, we did.
Then he asked me in to his office so he could see my pistol.
We talked about guns for a bit, he's an outdoorsman.

I became the guy who was notified when an Ypsilanti native (City motto: Cars, Bars and a few Weirdos) would wander in and around the building.
After a few conversations in my Bible Study, one of our close friends took me aside one night and opened her purse to show me what she had purchased.
It was a Kahr CW9. She did not remember me recommending it.
I showed her mine.
Then her husband and a few other guys joined the local gun club.
Her cousins husband is now a gunsmith making his own 1911s and he and his wife shoot IDPA (she's a state champ) and 3 gun.
Any Sunday morning, or Wednesday night, we are lambs, but not sheep.

We have, or should I say had, one liberal in our small congregation.
She is on disability.
I had once arranged to get a car for her once that I was offered from a friend.
I got in it once to work on it and found it on the local AM conservative station WAAM 1600.
I asked why, and she said that as Sun Tzu said, "Know your enemy".

She stayed with Scherie when she was home post surgery on two occasions.
Once after the brain surgery a few years ago and this summer after the neck brace incident.
She drove Scherie to doctors appointments with our car which I had left with her the night before. Scherie would take her to lunch afterwards.
We learned that her son could not get a bus to work on the weekends.
This seriously impinge on their household finances.
I let them use our Taurus on weekends and we drove the Ranger.

At one point she discovered that Scherie had a .357 in her purse.
she drove to our house to return the car, and as we were driving her home, she told us that from now on, if she needed to get the car from us, she would ride the bus (she could never walk from the bus stop to our house) to our house, rather than us pick her up with guns on us.
She would no longer attend our church if we took our guns in to the House of the Lord.
As far as I'm concerned I am the House of the Lord.
I did not let her know that practically eveyone in the church carries a gun.

Well, I will not be manipulated like that.
If she thinks she can disarm a congregation with a guilt trip, she can think that somewhere else.
I feel bad about the situation, she's a rather sweet woman and had treated us well.

But her inordinate fear that guns safely held by friends are a threat to her has cost us her fellowship.
Liberalism is a mental illness.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Signed, Sealed and Delivered

I've been meaning to do this for a couple days and have been too busy until now.
I'm going to brag. (Again?)

I have some books signed by authors I know and respect.

I recommend each for different reasons.

Bennett and Beach give examples (role models) for young men to emulate.
This copy goes to my grandson, Devon.

Johnson (to whose blog I'm not sure I'm allowed to link, can't be too hard to find) writes of relationships, with her late, great, Labrador in Barkley, and with family in Saving Grace, 
She has a way with words (and photos) that is evocative and compelling.

If you like stories about cranky old men and guns, you'll like these also. :)
If you like stories about character and loyalty and ability and guns, you'll really like these.

Avail yourselves.