Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ungrateful Disgrace

This clown would be the first to as the US military to save his butt, and the last to thank them for doing it.
Liberals. A national disgrace.
They should have to wear funny clothes and gather in large groups on the street so we can laugh at them.
Oh yeah. They do that already :)


  1. Liberalism is a mental disorder - literally.

  2. What is wrong with those people?

    I simply cannot fathom how someone can live in this nation and not appreciate how good we have things. I must be wearing rose-colored glasses. Every time I hear the National Anthem I get teary-eyed. Maybe it is me with the problem?

  3. I don't know, guys. I had some psych classes, but leftism is like mass delusion.

  4. They need an 'education' in places like Syria, Iran, and oh maybe... Somalia... THEN let them say the s**t they do... sigh

  5. Oh, it was HE would said that about the Anthem? I should have known. I heard somebody had dissed it.....Bill Moyers; no surprise.
    Gee, "All the brave are HERE" Why's that bother him? And all that "militaristic stuff"'re right, Ed, he'd be the first one screaming for the military if anything happened to him.
    You should hear my preschool kids sing "My Country Tis of Thee" ..I figure I have to teach them early, before public school teaches them to be little Bill Moyers' and hate this country.

  6. NFO: Maybe they'd notice the difference.
    Z: You should record and post!
    I post the occasional mp3 using my Dropbox account.
    If your interested how, let me know.
    i think that was Bill Press, not Moyers.
    They look similar but Moyers looks older.

  7. Oh, of course that's Bill Press...sorry!! YOu are so right.........well, the same sentiment goes to BOTH OF THEM! I remember a very liberal daughter of one of my conservative friends had asked her mother how she could watch Sean Hannity...I told her "at least you don't have to PAY for Sean Hannity, our tax dollars have to PAY for Bill Moyers!" (PBS) She was silent. heh heh!

    Re taping, I'd love to but I could NEVER figure it out..Ed, honestly, you haven't any idea how THICK I am with technical stuff! I'll ask if they're taping and see what I can get, tho. Thanks.