Saturday, July 14, 2012

I'm Probably Wrong...

But it occurs to me, having heard on the radio that Penn State is a fine institution despite it's administration covering up for Sandusky's rape of young boys:
Penn State is a large academic institution, a bastion of progressive thought and liberal (marxist) philosophy,
it's administration totally sold out to diversity, gay rights, etc.
Why would they have a problem with Sandusky acting out on his "natural" inclinations?
I must be wrong about this, because I don't hear anybody else saying it...


  1. LOL, there is 'academic' reality, and then there is REALITY!!! I'm hoping they get the death penalty from the NCAA for YEARS!!!

  2. I guess they figure God made him that way

  3. NFO: Yeah!
    CnC: The God they made up.

  4. you mean they don't think pedophilia's natural, too, is what you're asking? GOod question! :-)