Friday, August 17, 2012


Years ago, I took a job as a Maintenance Technician in a bottle mfg plant.
I gave up a Plant Manager position to do that because I was not happy there (it was a union shop).
The Technician spot was supposed to be a highly responsible position involving bringing robotics and automation to the facility.

I ended up greasing machines and sweeping floors.
For a month I wondered what was going on.
I was angry.
At God, at the management that I felt had misled me.

A mutual friend gave me a book at a dinner for our best friends leaving to be missionaries in Haiti.
The book was "Bitterness, the Bait of Satan".
I didn't read past the first chapter the next day (Sunday) as I got everything I needed from that:
The first chapter recounted Joseph in Genesis, who was a favorite son (technicolor dreamcoat), sold into slavery by his brothers, rose to steward a wealthy man's holdings, falsely accused and imprisoned for rape, ends up running the prison, is forgotten by the man he aids to get back into Pharoah's good graces, is finally remembered, brought before pharoah, rules Egypt and confronts his needy brothers with mercy and grace.
Up, down, up farther, down again. Up to the top.
I ended up praying for the management at the plant and resolved to find another job and chill out.

I explained this all to my supervisor the next day when he asked how I was doing.

He asked me to wait for him to return, he'd be back in a few minutes.

Ten minutes later he came back and told me the engineer he reported to wanted to see me.
When I saw that engineer, he told me that the supervisor had just resigned his position and had recommended me for the position.

That supervisor moved into another supervisory position and later gave his life to Jesus and ministers in his church.

This Monday I interviewed for a position at a firm closer to home.
The VP I was speaking with said that they offer a Cadillac Health Care Plan.
I slapped my head and said, "Well, if Romney isn't elected, I'm gonna see my taxes go up."

They made me an offer the next day. I wasn't thrilled with leaving the people I worked with, but I wasn't happy with the position I was in.

I'm not a good negotiator, so I don't try.
I've gotten the best deals when I expressed my honest intent to not purchase something.

I gave notice to our Plant Manager.
I was asked to wait a day before accepting the new position.

The next day he offered a raise and other considerations I never imagined.
I stayed.
I believe God's hand was in this.

For the last few months I wondered why I was going through all the turmoil.

Without the turmoil, I would not have arrived at this point.
I wouldn't have given notice.
You never know why it's happening to you, but it just might be for your own good.

Thanks for listening.


  1. If life was easy, it wouldn't be worth much and never appreciated

  2. Wait. Did you take the new job or did you stay at the old one? In any case, congratulations!

  3. Jess: Yep.
    Rita: Kept the old one. More money. Better comfort factor as they seem to want to accommodate me. Thanks.

  4. If you were worth it when they thought you were leaving, you were worth it before.

    You are a better man than I am. The counter offer would have ticked me off.

    Congrats anyway.

  5. I'm glad you mentioned that Joe.
    I've thought the same, but we all try to get the best deal.
    I can't blame my employers if they try to get the most out of me for the least.
    I don't like to have to threaten to get more (you never know how that will shake out), and I didn't.
    I was mostly upset with some internal interaction and scope of responsibility, which wasn't being resolved until I "threatened" to leave.
    The place I was going to offered that "job-satisfaction" and more money, which obviously had to be countered.
    I doubt I'm a better man than you.
    I'm not as good a negotiator.
    If I was, I might have asked for more than they offered.

  6. One door closes, another door opens... And NO, we don't know why... Hope things continue to work in your favor!