Friday, August 3, 2012

Rome Wasn't Trashed in a Day

The government is going to cut about 40% of the military's budget in January.
This means massive layoffs for defense contractors and soldiers/sailors/airmen.
This is because the democrats refuse to cut spending and the republicans refuse to raise taxes.
The WARN Act requires employers to give layoff notices. These will come about four days before the election.
Emperor Obama has decreed that the employers should ignore the WARN Act.
Can you guess why?
Why does the Emperor get to ignore all the laws?
When will congress say enough?


  1. Legally, and employer can't ignore the law, so the good employers will issue the correct paperwork by the correct time.

    This administration is crashing and burning. Personally, I'm enjoying the catastrophe. It couldn't happen to a better bunch of people.

  2. Yep contrary to Labor's statement, they are LEGALLY responsible to send the notices!!!

  3. You guys are correctimundo.
    NFO, this was inspired by your post.