Friday, October 19, 2012

The State of Blogging Today

These are just my observations regarding blogs today.
I'm not going to do an analysis. I'm not going to invest that much time in something no one's gonna read.
And there you have my first observation.

It seems that there are a number of motivations for a blogger.

A number claim it is just a place to vent.
Others a place to exercise their writing skills.
These two types of blogger often claim that they don't care if they are read, their blog is just for them.

Another type likes to provoke a discussion, sort of a salon if you will.

Others, like myself, like to express some insight they may have and perhaps provoke a discussion of that.

Some bloggers are prolific, with two or three posts a day (a bit overwhelming to keep up with) while others, like myself, post whenever inspired or bored.
Many make it a habit to post daily as a discipline.

I read a number of blogs. I like to keep current on them.
This can be taxing sometimes.
Reading other blogs can lead me to:
a: not post, because someone has already touched on that subject well and I figure if I've read it , you've read it.
b: post, as I believe comments were not an appropriate venue for the response to an inspiration from that post.

As to commenting.
I like to comment as an encouragement to the blogger I read, even if I have no elaboration to contribute.
I see it as a "tip jar" to encourage them to continue posting.
I know of one gentleman that seems to do that here, and it is appreciated.
Without comments, it's hard to tell if anyone is reading you.
(Blogger tells me I've had as high as 28 page views. I don't trust the reliability of that as I've seen a reference to my blog post at another blog and yet seen zero page views in the stats.)
I can talk to myself far more efficiently than typing to myself. Yet sometimes writing forces me to structure my thoughts on a matter. My previous post  is an example of that.
Some bloggers make it a habit to respond to every comment, perhaps as an encouragement to more.
It's a very polite thing to do. That's similar to my "tip jar" notion.
At least one other studiously avoids responding to my comments since we got into a "debate" on the definition of a term he used, and another has banned me from her site as referred to in a previous post.

I see commenting as a type of community of sorts, a community which can also encompass some unruly neighbors.

A list of blogs I read is posted to the right. I read some others also.
Of the blogs on that list are a couple that typically generate long comment streams.
Sometimes these long comment streams become shouting matches and name-calling that no longer discuss the topic of the thread at which point you realize adding a comment about the topic is like shouting into the wind.
Some comments get so long and frequent, you wonder why that person doesn't get a blog. Except they probably get more exposure in the comments of someone elses blog.
And sometimes you post a pithy and insightful comment to which there is no response.
Or better yet, someone will make the same observation ten comments later, making you wonder if they even bother to read the preceding comments, something I'm diligent about.

So, that's my take on it. What's yours? Assuming you're there.


  1. My blog will go through phases where it only seems a handful of people are actually reading the posts, and then from nowhere, a comment will appear from someone saying they read my blog frequently and offer words of encouragement. Those comments are treasured.

  2. Hold.



    You have a blog, Ed? Why didn't I know that?

  3. Blogging is a strange animal. Really.

    Sometimes, I work hours on a post -- only to have hardly anyone say a word. Other times, I publish a quick post, and the comments fly.

    A blog owner should try to respond to every comment -- at least if the blog isn't one of those mega blogs, such as Malkin's, for example.

    But I have found that, once comments became more frequent, I couldn't keep up -- particularly during the school term, when I work a heavy schedule.

    About blog rounds and the perusal of comments threads....I find that I can often learn about other (related or unrelated) stories that never make the news or appear very many other places on the web. But making all these blog rounds and ferreting out information takes so much time!

    Now, there is one very important thing that blogging can do: serve as a network of personal friends whom one might not otherwise find. I have made several friends because of blogging -- and they haven't all remained merely cyber friends, either.

    And, once in a while, something like THIS, the direct result of blogging, blesses my life. Without blogging, I'd never have gotten that help with my husband after his devastating stroke.

  4. Jess and AOW. Thanks.
    AOW, I sent a memo out that I had a blog. Maybe it's in your spam filter :)
    I glanced at your link and will read it a little later, but I see the gist of it.
    I'm blessed with the prayers and support I got when Scherie had a temporal lobotomy, (she's been seizure-free for almost 5 months now and no adverse side effects, thank you Jesus and all who prayed).
    Of all things, since I'm not anonymous a couple of blogger friends have friended me on Facebook. But then again Rita has suggested to CnC that I'm their long lost brother.

  5. We accept all kinds of oddities as family Ed. OH. That's a compliment by the way. ;D

  6. I have a zillion posts in my head. Conversations I have with my trillions of readers throughout the day. But then when I have the time to sit down and actually write them out they just don't want to come out of my fingers.

    I'll just say this. I'm sure I have brilliant posts uncomparable throughout the belonging world. They aren't posted, so you'll just have to trust me in this one.

  7. Concur with AOW, 'reactions' to posts vary, it's not just him. Happens to all of us... Slave over one, get two comments; dash one off get 30. I write because it 'forces' me to take some downtime, and I do try to post every day. Like you, I've also had a thought/post written, only to find somebody already did it better. I call those 'practice'! :-) Bottom line, take it or leave it, it's the web! LOL

  8. That's why I so breathlessly await your next post, "sis".
    You "practice" blogging well, NFO.

  9. I remember hearing about Scherie (At Z's, maybe?), but had to do a search of your blog to get the details.

    I take it that all is well now.

  10. I read you link AOW. I cautiously ask: How is Mr. AOW today?
    I think I'll post today about Scherie, and the help we've gotten from friends, and the effect a loved ones illness can have on your life (as I'm sure you're aware).
    Maybe tomorrow. I want this post up a bit longer.

  11. I have long pondered the question of why I blog. I guess it is because I work alone and it is the water cooler discussion I don't have. I won't claim I spend hours on a post, but it does seem like the 30 second efforts often garner more attention than the well-thought out (if not so well written) endeavors.

    I am a bad blogger in that I don't always respond to comments. If I have something to add to the conversation I will chime in. Otherwise I usually let it go. For instance you left a funny quip on a post today. I could have responded with a "ha ha", but that seems trite. I really appreciate comments, and I may have to rethink my actions.

    I read a lot of blogs. I spend way too many hours at it. I am the definition of a lurker. I rarely comment unless I have something to add to the conversation. I have read some blogs every day for years and commented maybe one or two times. I have a hard time with the new comment moderation-scrunched-up-letter-thingy, so I must really need to spout off if I go through that to ofter my comments on blogs that use that security feature.

    Rest assured, I read you every day, unless I am on the road. I am here, and appreciate your efforts.

    Sorry to prattle on so long.

  12. Joe, you are so self-deprecating. That's not a prattle. And your blog is a destination.
    I think Blogger would do well to offer a "like" button.
    I just discovered why a link I post has links colored blue in edit view and I have to color them to show blue when published. It's a selection in the template that defaults to black when previewed or published. Sheesh.

  13. I ADORE it when people come during the debates to see what others at my blog are saying. That is THE greatest feeling! To know there's someplace good people can come and rant and read. I definitely am one who wants a SALON STYLE blog, and I've called it that, too, Ed...very astute of you!
    By the way, what's the "G" next to my blog on your blogroll?! :-)
    It's RATED G? (Not always, with some using some pretty 'fancy' language there, sadly!) (kidding, of course, I know it doesn't mean G RATED!)

    I feel responding to commenters is highly important; otherwise, they feel like whistling in the wind, so I do make an effort. But working full time now after so many years has really made me tired and I haven't the time or energy to write much anymore (thank God Mustang's working with me now...what a pleasure and blessing) and I hate that I can't comment as much as I used to. I'm TRULY blessed that people still continue to come by despite my not visiting as much; I feel really honored by that.

    I very much like your posts, Ed...whether it's daily or once a week, they're worth it.

  14. Ed,
    There are constant updates on Mr. AOW at his blog.

    I help him a lot with his blog, of course, and he's terrible about responding to comments -- mostly because he's a one-handed typist because of left side paralysis resulting from his stroke. Mr. AOW was left-handed before his stroke, so you can imagine how difficult certain tasks now are for him.

    I do hope that you'll post again about Scherie.

  15. Hi, Ed. Sorry I come to this blog a bit late. I tend to do that, sometimes. I like blogging because every now and then, I think I have something to say. Plus, I use WordPress software to structure web sites for others.

    I like to write, but the problem is that I get tired of all the political stuff going on. But, that's the season we are in. AOW is sensitive to that, and will throw some posts in that have nothing to do with politics.

    By the way, your URL is in my blog roll. I use it to come over here, occasionally, to see what is going on.