Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Who'da Thunk...

A year ago, who'd a thunk we be in church,
Lord, give us a mormon for president?!?


  1. I was saying, Lord give us Mike Pence for President. Instead he'll be my governor.

  2. That's hilarious, Ed! No, I don't think ANY of us prayed for THAT! I don't much care, except they do believe THE weirdest stuff...and except that when I went to Salt Lake City 2 years ago, my sis and I stopped by the Mormon Tabernacle and after five minutes, I said "I have to leave......I feel something creepy!".
    Man, I think I just remembered myself out of voting for Romney! (no..just kidding...sort of :-)

  3. Rita: Pence would do.
    Z: Creepy would also be the Rev Wright's church or a mosque.
    There are a lot of Christians who can't bring themselves to pull the lever for the mormon. We must convince them otherwise.
    They are not electing their pastor.

  4. Want to hear something even worse? The Youth Pastor at our church used to work with Bob at Sears before he quit to be full time with the church. The man is probably the most devout man I know. Four years ago when Obama first started dividing our nation, Troy's wife told me one Sunday that they could no longer discuss the election at home. It was destroying their marriage.

    The reason?

    McCain had picked a woman as his VP. I was horrified to learn he was gong to vote for Obama because a woman was not to lead. His wife tried to explain that the Bible refers to leading the church, not the nation. And it sure was better than letting a man who supports letting babies dies in utility closets rule our nation.

    I still shake my head over that one.

  5. That's scary Rita. Teaching youth with a poor understanding. When they figure he's wrong about that ....