Monday, April 1, 2013


After work, I stopped by a gun shop where my friend works.
He said at Easter Dinner yesterday he could get me some 9mm.

When I got there, he smiled in that way that means... "sorry".

Well, it turns out that the guy who was supposed to deliver the ammo had the flu.
(Does "Dog ate my homework" come to mind?)

But I did get some 7.62x39  for $12 a box of twenty. Over twice what I last paid for it.

But $65/500 subsonic .22LR and $75/500 of hyper velocity?

I called a friend who was looking, but he declined.
I think his financial adviser would have had him sleep on the couch.


  1. Price gouging for ammo has become the theme of the age.

  2. Man, talk about sheering the sheep.

  3. That was cheap, i got told $100 for a brick... Told em no thanks!!!

  4. Now he wishes he'd had me buy it.