Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Nice Day Out

I met my son and grandson at my dad's grave yesterday.
While I was waiting for them, I wandered around the Veteran’s Memorial Garden, reading their headstones with names, ranks, branch of service.

Son wanted me to relate to grandson and he some of the war experiences my dad had related to me.
There weren't many.
He'd been at Normandy and the Bulge, but he didn't have much to say about it.
He'd been blown out of a tree stringing telephone wire across it.
He was in communications because, starting out as a truck driver, he couldn't adapt to driving on the wrong side of the road in England.
He'd string wire for the forward observers ahead of the front lines, only to have the front lines catch up to and pass him while he was still stringing wire!

Afterwards we went to a friend's house and did some target shooting.

I pulled my Kahr out of my pocket, stood 30 feet from a white post-it on the target and with left hand on hip fired off-hand, hitting it dead center. And missed the whole thing each successive shot.
Lot of fun was had.
There was an orange golf ball there and I hit it with the iron sights on my WASR-10 (AK) first shot.
I pulled the magazine out and realized that I couldn't clear the last shot as the extractor wouldn't let it go, but the ejector couldn't flip it up to eject it without the bullet tip hitting the top of the receiver!
Finally decided to just shoot it.
Hit the orange golf ball again.
I love that gun.
My son had his Sig 556 and we enjoyed shooting that also, once we figured that the front sight could be flipped up so that it could be aligned with the rear 100 yard peep sight for close in shooting.
Glock 40, Ruger .357 Security Six, Smith and Wesson M&P from the '40s in .38 special.
Nice to have permission to go back any time we want.
God is good (not allah akbar).

Later Scherie and I met them and our daughter-in-law that evening at Haabs for dinner.
I had the "Picnic Special", some ribs, chicken, coleslaw and beans.
Then the waitress brought out the plate with what looked to be ants on it, because no picnic would be complete without ants.


  1. Thanks for remembering and taking the time Ed.

  2. Sounds like a really good day...I'm so glad you enjoyed it.
    ANTS? WHAT ANTS? :-)

  3. That was a lot of fun, Happy to know you enjoyed it.