Sunday, October 6, 2013


Like a child that isn't getting his way, when the other kids won't do as he demands,
he's taking his toys (as if they were his!)
and won't let others have access to them.
Parks, Outdoor Monuments, the Ocean (Florida Bay!), Volunteer Chaplaincy in the Military.
Who will punish this spoiled brat?

And When?


  1. Denial may as well be a river in Egypt only. Given the propaganda saturation on one hand (including keeping us informed of retaliatory consequences of resistance) and the fear of eavesdropping on the other, our ability to communicate effectively has been limited.

    It is sad to say: it has come down to becoming insular, which for me is much like limiting my breathing. Picking and choosing your close friends wisely and taking informed risk on who to ally with has become a survival skill.

    For example, that ranger who told he was told to make things as painful as possible. He's out of a job shortly, as is probably his boss for having stated the course of action so overtly. Any NPS employee who bitched about the waste of resources in closing open air parks is also probably out of a job shortly.

    We have a systemic wide failure for reasons that I've written about but which large numbers of people are still in denial. Only this week I've had two instances. Both sounded like "plausible" denial to me. That means in each instance my correspondent was playing coy in order to disguise their true intentions. In the first it was because they honestly did not what to consider it. In the other, it suggested to me their intentions were personal gain while pretending to be a concerned local citizen.

    1. I hope that Park Ranger was anonymous enough.
      Glad I blog under my dad's name.
      They'll never find me...

  2. So much of what he's said in public lately is so scathing and so petulant; you're right. It's like this man needs therapy badly and we're the ones paying for his not getting it.... we're under his thumb, with a complicit media so in love with him they enable like a lovesick wife in front of their therapist.
    I'm hoping the closing of the VA Memorial and Dr MLK Jr's memorial, etc., etc., is even waking up leftists. This was thin-skinned nonsense. I guess Obama figures not enough people are REALLY feeling the pinch of the shut down and he desperately needs that to get people to hate Rs at least long enough for him to win the House in 2014.
    Then, we're done. If he wins...that's it.

    1. "Who will rid me of this troublesome priest?"

  3. The Affordable Care Act was first proposed by the Heritage Institute as a method to provide more widely available health insurance while maintaining the provate market in health insurance.
    No since I know you don't oppose the "free market"(LMAO), I have to assume either you oppose wide availability or have a superior proposal.

    Maybe "One fish two fish, red fish blue fish" Cruz, your brilliant spokesperson, has a proposal.

    So which is it.

    1. It is refreshing to see someone who is so well informed -- such as not repeating irrelevant points raised by the opposition -- that he gets to the heart of a message even when he doesn't like the contents.

      Let me know when one shows up Ed.

    2. And then I see that he basically pasted a copy of a comment he made elsewhere tonight.

  4. Duck, that's not germane to the post.
    I'd be quoting Seuss, too, if I was up that long.
    But, Heritage aside, loosening mandates on coverage, croos state competition (like car insurance) and a number of other fixes would have had better effect than this mostrosity.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Cross state "competition" is only going to allow insurers to operate under the loosest regulations. It is not a benefit to purchasers.

    Pitch till you win but it's pretty clear you haven't thought this out.

    Loosening mandates? Let the insurers, who have a monopoly exemption, deny claims and limit payouts in order to maxmize profit. Another winner.

    I'm no Obama fan but he gets points for standing his ground.

  6. Cross (not croos, sorry) state competition defeats the monopoly of insurers.
    It has worked extremely well with car insurance.
    I remember in the 70's a friend got cheaper car insurance from a company that would not insure smokers. That may seem unfair to smokers, but it encouraged (without mandating) healthy choices. Smokers would get higher car rates elsewhere.
    Removing mandates so that people can buy catastrophic insurance (high deductibles) is another way of lowering rates and increasing coverage.
    Now I'm going to pay for abortion and other coverages that will (morality aside) never apply to me?
    Talk about monopoly!
    Yes I have thought it through, somewhat, but I don't dwell on analyzing it because I have no time for that given I work for a living and have to analyze other stuff.
    I don't applaud Obama for standing his ground..
    At least you addressed (inadvertently?} the point of my post: He's unwilling to budge or compromise (the essence of politics).
    He's a spoiled, egocentric brat.

  7. BHO is no leader! He's a tantrum-throwing child.

    We need a National Move the Cones Day!