Thursday, October 31, 2013

Breaking News.

A bunch of people went door to door demanding stuff from people who earned it.
In other news, today was Halloween.


  1. sounds like every day of the Obama administration!! :-)

  2. AND, they entered our street in ratty cars FULL of kids falling out every unhinged door. Typical. And, no one said 'thanks'.

  3. Yeah, the damn Dems. They're going to take all your stuff and give it to the coons and the spics.

    That's what the right has become.

    "I'm not sending my kid to public schools to be trained to become a homo."

    We need to reduce taxes further, increase corporate profits even further and depress wages even more so the "job producers" can start making tinkle down economics work.

    Darn, the crack Syrian spec-ops are going to night drop over L.A. and put ricin in the water supply.

    We need more guns to stop gun violence.

    It really is tragic.