Friday, November 22, 2013

Nuclear Reaction

Isn't that ten less seats we need to win in 2014?


  1. The Democratic Party is desperate. In the hope of keeping power, they're willing to do almost anything.

    What happens now? They lose . Never has a progressive agenda succeeded and the experiment on the current fiercely independent descendants of those that were unwilling to accept servitude will fail miserably.

    Our ancestors were those willing to sacrifice their lives for liberty. The expectation their descendants are less determined to preserve their freedom is foolish.

    1. That sure beats the pessimistic attitude I get elsewhere.

  2. The media has made a mockery of what was once considered an honorable profession of people that demanded the exposure of the truth; no matter how distasteful the information might be.

    I think those that follow the path of journalism are born with a natural curiosity. While many are easily swayed by the politics of their teachers, most aren't and eventually develop a distaste for obfuscation and deceit. They will be more instrumental in changing the country than many realize and they're finding the closed doors of the current administration as a challenge to overcome.