Monday, November 11, 2013

Veteran's Day

If you want to thank a vet, vote to restore the country he fought to protect.
Not to "fundamentally change" it into a socialist nightmare.

My Dad: WW2, Normandy, Bastogne, Army
My Uncle Babe: WW2, Pacific (Silver Star), Army
My Son Senior Chief Scott (COB), Navy Active
Scherie's Uncle Ed, Korea, Navy
Adis side:
My Nephew Tom: Iraq, Marine
Rodriguez side:
My Niece Caridad: USAF (like me!)
My Niece (adopted daughter) Charity: Iraq with her husband Vince, Army
My Niece (adopted daughter) Kenna: Navy
My Nephew Tim, Army National Guard
My boys other Grandpa Nick Pavlovich: WW2 Army, Aleutians
My friends:
Jeff Nugent: USMC
Don Crippen (I remember my son saying "You know Chief Crippen???) Navy
Ray , NAVY ret'd

CMSGT Nathan Weiser, 97 years old next month:
    Pearl Harbor,
    Normandy (his LST got hung up on a sandbar),
    The Bulge (don't know if he met my dad there)

We happy few.


  1. My boys other Grandpa Nick Pavlovich: WW2 Army, Aleutians

    My father served in the US Coast Guard and was stationed in the Aleutian Islands. He was on isolated duty and didn't mind it too much.

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    2. Nick said they got shelled and strafed regularly.
      If your dad is alive, thank him for me.

  2. God bless you all!!! and Happy Vets DAY! I ALWAYS remember our beloved troops and our blogger soldiers in the trenches too my friend~!:

  3. Thanks for that history (and your service) Ed!

  4. I had a grandpa that served in the Navy during WWII. Hunting U-boats in the Atlantic. Once told me he experienced the whine of a torpedo that passed right under his ship.

    1. Wow. Like a bullet whizzing past your head.