Sunday, December 1, 2013

What are the odds?

Scherie and I support a young missionary that had come to our church for support.
We took him to dinner after church and keep in touch on Facebook.
we called him up a month or so again and asked him to dinner again.
We met him at the restaurant.
Actually we got there early and waited for him to come to the door only to find that he was there even earlier and seated already :) .
As we talked he told us about his living conditions, both as a student and an aspiring missionary.
He told us of one couple that were Jewish and atheists who trusted him to be a "nanny" to their children, after grilling him intensely.
I mentioned to him that I had once had a Jewish atheist friend (Bob, whom I left unnamed) at work who liked to watch televangelists for the entertainment value.
He had picked up quite a bit of New Testament this way, but it had not led him to salvation, but gave him an ability to tear up those who unwisely approached him with the Gospel.
By "unwisely" I mean "ill-prepared".
I've mentioned him in comments at Z's and other places, if not here as an example of knowing the word, but not knowing the Word.
Last night, Ben made a post a Facebook and a comment was made by a "Bob xxxx".
(xxxx is a variable set to equal Bob's last name)
I knew a guy by that name, but what possible connection could he have to Ben?
I clicked on Bob's name to see his profile.
My head was spinning.
It was the Bob I knew from work years ago.
We had both been talking about the same guy at dinner that night.
Small world.
I look forward to meeting Bob again.


  1. So Ben is your missionary friend and Bob's family is the one he's nanny'ing for?? Sorry, I got confused. WOW...what an amazing story; I do remember your mentioning this acquaintance at my place.
    Let's see what happens with his faith...could get VERY interesting! Thanks, Ed!

  2. Yes Z, I could have been little clearer.
    Ben is the missionary. And stayed with Bobs family while he was in college.
    At dinner, Ben and I were describing the same guy and didn't know it.

  3. LOL, it truly IS a small world... :-) Hope you catch back up with him, and it will be interesting to chronicle the changes!