Sunday, March 2, 2014

It's Alive!!!!

Well, the computer I'm typing on at the moment was just resurrected from  the dead.
The flood in my family room had toasted it's motherboard.
Insurance bought me a new one, but a used motherboard was $40 off of Ebay.

Had to re-install Windows, after downloading, (for free!) off of, an ISO of the install disk (which I did not have, and they were willing to sell me!).
Online activation worked like a charm.


  1. Give it a day to make sure it's not a zombie.

  2. Wait... I just paid over $100 for W7... you downloaded for free? Glad you're back in action. Me too (I think)

  3. DaBlade: I had a previous activation/product key. Wasn't upgrading like you.
    But I didn't have the install disk and had changed a major component.

  4. ebay eh?..awesome!..welcome back!:)