Tuesday, July 29, 2014

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I posted the following as a comment at Mustang's A Montpelier View.
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My comment is/was:
I firmly (laughably to some) believe that we are in the midst of a spiritual battle greater than that depicted in Lord of the Rings.
Yet while many would yearn for such an opportunity at such heroism, few grasp the reality we face.
There is a secret struggle for the souls of mankind.
It’s an open secret.
America has been a bastion of the free.
The enemy knows it must be destroyed.

The people do not know it must be defended.

Eph 5:14 Therefore He saith: “Awake, thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light.”

We all have the opportunity to stand up to evil, to cry out against the tide that threatens to overwhelm our freedoms, our rights, our ability to set others free, whether politically, or spiritually, and the two often go hand in hand.

We might face Orcs or we might face ridicule, but we must be convinced that our cause is just and right.
And if we are convinced, then what precludes us from doing right?


  1. Amen! Well and truly said, sir.

  2. I think you are correct


  3. Agreed, it is a battle, and right now we're losing thanks to the PC agenda...

    1. I hope we win. It's like frozen tag when we were kids. We've got to set them free to join the battle.

  4. Just what are you advocating, Ed?

    Certainly not a pluralistic society because we know you can't deal with that.

    Just what do fundamentalists offer to advance freedom?

    1. I advocate a society where people are free and unencumbered of socialist fascist controls.
      It can be pluralistic as long as we are not dictated to by a self styled ruling class of "administrators".
      "Fundamentalist" what?
      Christians offer a freedom from the destructive forces that govern so many.
      Email me if you are seriously interested in an answer.
      I'm glad you asked.
      Once again, I'm advocating for the arousal of a deadened electorate/populace that has no awareness of its subjugation.

  5. Ed, the video is so powerful, thanks for that. Compelling post; well done.

    Let's hope all Americans start to understand what Freedom is offered by a true following of the Christianity we know and not that the media talks about.
    And that they are encouraged to practice their faith in peace and respect for this country, America.

    Thanks, Ed.

  6. this is awesome ED and gives me much needed strength to go on!!!

  7. Ah, Ed, Son of Gimli, Son of Gloin, etc. Your words are as true as the blade of a Dwarf's axe.

    Just wait and see how this election goes in November. It looks bad for the dark side, as the sleepy folk who don't pay much attention to politics are getting jabbed in the ribs from all sides: from ObamaCare, to Illegal aliens being dumped in their front yards all the way to the Orc of a First Lady trying to jam carrot sticks down their kids' throats. And they don't like it. None of it.

    I could be wrong, but I see the swing of the pendulum coming back our way starting in November, Ed The Grey.

    1. I see a ray of hope!
      A visit from Fredd the Gray!
      May his vision be true.

  8. Wait. WAIT A MINUTE, is that FREDD trying on OPTIMISM for a change? :-)
    I LIKE IT!

  9. Ed,
    And if we are convinced, then what precludes us from doing right?

    For most? Mammon!

    Example: "I have to work this job at the HHS because I have to pay for my kid's college education." Yes, this is an actual example from my own homeschool group.

    1. AOW, that is so sad. Is it a form of prostitution?

    2. Ed,
      In a way, yes.

      I think that many people use that same kind of reasoning. Furthermore, it is yet another way that the government can enslave.

  10. Loved this Ed... "There is a (open) secret struggle for the souls of mankind.".. And I would add that it is fought for one soul at a time. When I am confronted by a secular humanist and on the receiving end of their ridicule, disdain and/or mockery because of my faith, my natural first inclination is to nuke them inkind with my vastly superior intelligence, humbleness and wit. But then that kind of defeats my purpose (of which I am constantly praying for guidance from the Holy Spirit).

    1. Just had a sermon this A.M. on guidance from the Holy Spirit.
      A soft answer turns away wrath.