Saturday, July 12, 2014

Be Literate, Read the Bible!

An interesting thing happened in my office Friday and I was going to blog it, but then I called it in to
The American Dream and you get to listen instead.
I left in the lead-in that led to my call about half way through.

My point in general was that the bible is/was a culural touchstone, a reference point for great works of literature and even conversation.
It's like a code-book, that if one is not familiar with, one loses the meaning of the message.
Perhaps in future persecution, Christians will not draw a fish in the sand with their toe to self-identify to others they suspect of being Christian, but instead quote obsure passages of scripture.


  1. I'm at a wedding reception and was bummed that I couldn't fix it from my blavkberry, and trying again it worked for me on the second attempt.

  2. I finally had to open it on Chrome after trying at least a dozen times. I was going to take exception with your take on being literate by reading the Bible. But, what you meant, I assume, was Bible literate, not actually knowing how to read. When I taught GED, I encouraged low level readers to read every day. EVERY LAST ONE of the readers who had third or fourth grade reading level assured me they read their Bibles every day. So, they knew the stories by heart...yep, not going to help with reading level.

    When I was taking grad school level English classes, I always got the Biblical references, no matter how obscure. I was reared in church, spent two years at a Bible college, studying only scripture. People did not even understand how Thomas had an association because they other students had not heard of "doubting Thomas." They were impressed. I was floored. I do believe every student should study the Bible as literature just as we do any other literary work.

    At one point in the past, students did use the Bible as a text to learn to read.

    1. "At one point in the past, students did use the Bible as a text to learn to read".
      I assume it was that the Bible was present in every home, and printed books were not cheap to own then.
      Thanks for commenting. And persevering.

  3. OK, I've been up and down the aisles at Costco and I can't find this book you recommended. Then I remembered I already have it and its my favorite book!

    1. They pulled it at Costco!
      Wait til the movie comes out. Again.
      Or the extremely popular mini-series.

  4. From my own reference point, whenever I was in great need and reached out to the pastor or fellow parishioners, I was always quoted the same common platitudes learned in bible school, and they figured they had been of great benefit to me. Bandaids for bullet wounds is what I called them.

    1. Been there, done that. Particularly when my wife left me.
      Pastoral staff had no idea how to counsel.
      the bulk of Job is his "friends" counseling him with religious platitudes (seriously) and God in chapter 38 comes out of the clouds and tells them all off!
      Thanks for stopping by Dana. I appreciate you taking the time to comment.