Sunday, July 6, 2014

We Don't Need a Tea Party

I just watched America by Dinesh D'Souza.
I am convinced we no longer need a Tea Party.
We need a Continental Army.

I did not know about the Alinsky/Frank Nitti connection until today.
Silly me.

This was so much better than 2016.


  1. I heard mixed reviews my friend but indeed we do need an army!!!

    1. My review is "See it!". Take an underinformed friend!

  2. my friend LOVED it...said she's going to buy a copy when she can and donate it to the school we're both associated with. Particularly to have our Yale-educated liberal history teacher see it :-)
    I'm going to have to Google Nitti....I'm too well aware of Alinsky and the nightmare HE SINGLE HANDEDLY started in this country!

    1. See the movie at a matinee. You'll love it. You need to blog it. No one else is.

  3. Ed. I am sure it is a very revealing movie. That is almost a foregone conclusioh.

    However, what makes me uncomfortable with it is how easy D'Sousa gets along with someone like Ayres.

    D'Sousa has provided a platform to let that slug to brag that his vision is winning. And that current events are aiding the movie's popularity while doing little to help us rally intelligently rather than emotionally.

    See my new post about JWF posting a headline that a Congressman comparing our media's behavior to the Soviet's. Why is it necessary that a newsmaker has to make "controversial" headlines before what should be common parlance -- that we have a Soviet-Style Media -- gets wider notice?

  4. I'd say Dinesh let Ayres hang himself, like Kelly did on Fox.
    As to SSM?
    Why? Because we have a SSM.
    Vicious circle.