Sunday, July 20, 2014

Well, that was nice.

I often listen to The Inside Outside Guys.
I haven't talked to them in a year or so.
Today I dropped Scherie off at the dry cleaners and turned the radio on.
They started talking about a guy they know that owns and charters the largest catamaran on the Great Lakes, The Nauticat.
Two free tickets to go on it to the first caller who could tell them where the London Bridge is.
I have those tickets.
I did not have to google it.
We had a nice chat about my family room remodel, besides.
They wondered why I hadn't called in a while, thinking the IRS or the EPA or the NSA had gotten me.

So we get to ride on this:

After we spend the night here again:

Scherie and I stayed here once before (just before the crash) and the owners are wonderful people.
I am so looking forward to this.

Lake Havasu, Arizona, by the way.


  1. SCORE! Congratulations on the big win. The Nauticat name even sounds fun.

  2. Woo Hoo! :-) Good for you and enjoy!!!

  3. that's fantastic, Ed!! Didn't Lake Havasu get the WRONG London Bridge? Do you know that story? I think I'm right...?
    I look forward to hearing about this trip. CONGRATULATIONS!

  4. have a well deserved awesome time ED!! will miss ya!

  5. Riding the waves of the Great Lakes Awesome!-- Is Lake Michigan the one you will be Sailing upon?-just looked up Bellaire -MI -(Google has everything! ) (-: so- no need to answer- Enjoy-

  6. BTW- just added your site to my roll-

  7. YAY!!!!
    <3 Charity