Friday, October 3, 2014

That Was the Week that Was

So I got up at my usual time this morning for work and listened to the radio (Bill Bennett).
My wife sent me off to work with a smile and a prayer.
 I open the garage door walk, out into the driveway towards my truck and it is warm and humid as evidence of an overnight rain.
There's a soft breeze blowing through the trees above me, and something about it all, while seeming a warm summer day, says fall is approaching faster than you want it to.
Of course technically, fall is here.

I've kept my boat out of storage and I hope for one last day on the water watching the colors change.

We went out a few days ago on Monday night.
Launching the boat, we saw a lab being trained, the younger by the older. I thought of Brigid's dogs.

BTW: I got my Book of Barkley. Heartwarming. Thanks, Brigid.

We went to cross the lake to the restaurant, and called some friends to meet us.

They replied they were going to the car show in Belleville.
We knew nothing about it, but the restaurant was in Belleville.
We had a great dinner. Turns out that on Monday nights, many of their entrees were only $7!
We each had a large salmon fillet, small salad and fries (Scherie had veggies). What a bargain.
We asked the waitress if we could leave our boat at the dock as we went up to street level and the car show.
She said no problem.
We immediately ran into our friends.

We saw a lot of cool cars and then headed back to the boat.

And so we watched the sunset and went home by the light of the moon.
Our third and probably last outing this year.

Now at the risk of appearing to be a total show off, I present something that came in the mail last night.

Work and commitments have kept me exhausted all week, and unable to participate in the blog world to the extent I like to, but I am so grateful for the gifts this week has brought, and I wanted to share my joy.

Have a blessed weekend.


  1. Sounds like you made up for it with the time out on the water and the car show! :-)

  2. People who live near the water really irritate me.

    1. I have to drive a mile, Sis.
      Mark irritates you, huh?

    2. Only the first 25 years of my life.

  3. Hey! YOU GOT IT!!! And I meant every word. And stop calling my buddy "sis". She's from Indiana so she's MINE!

    1. I love being fought over. You can be my sis too. We take in all kinds in my family. I mean that in a good way. :D

    2. Just sharin' the love Ed.

  4. boats-lakes-beautiful sun sets- Lucky you!

  5. We each had a large salmon fillet, small salad and fries ...

    For 7 bucks? That ain't hard to take.

  6. I sure do love clouds and sunsets. Those are great pictures

    1. I got out of my truck at work and there they were!
      They inspired the post.

  7. Thanks for linking my book Ed. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  8. Wait a minute. You mean Dana sent YOU a card and she has never sent me one? Oh no. This will not stand.

  9. Wow! Now THAT is a day to remember. I liked the pics too, and the boat "carries the mail!" I bet the ride back was a little slower.

  10. DaBlade: It was. Piloting the lake (really a dammed river) with it's twists and turns, in the dark, by memory, is fun.

  11. Very nice! Looks like the lake you have access to is a little larger than mine!