Monday, November 3, 2014


So I spent Saturday cleaning the yard.
Blew the leaves off the roof.
Trimmed some branches overhanging the roof.
Blew out the gutters.
Blew all the crap that fell off of the shrubs.
Blew out behind the shrubs.
Blew off the berm.
Mowed the leaves, front yard and back.

Pulled the car in the garage to work on back flushing the heater core,
turned on the computer to listen to internet radio (the only kind I can receive), and nada, nothing zip,
Not even static cause it's digital nothing, not analog nothing.

I get poor reception on my smartphone at home.
Story for another day, but someday I'm going to obtain a spectrum analyzer and prove that the FAA is inadvertently jamming my radio reception since I'm on the approach.
I drive up to the house with the car radio off channel and the whistling starts.
Only around the my house as you approach it.

So, no interwebs.
Call Comcast and they say there was a local outage, it'll be clear in two hours.
Five hours later, they admit it might be more of a local problem.
Local to my house.

No phone, Data or TV.
It took me an embarrassing amount of time before I figured that the DVR still had stuff for me to watch.

They finally came out today.
Late today.
Tonight in fact.

A squirrel had chewed through the cable above where it crossed my shed in the back yard.

So I'm back online, ready to read and comment.

I think I'll take a nap.


  1. All I can think of is squirrel gumbo. It's good, served over rice.

    1. Lawn rodent ratatuille.
      Actually, I like squirrel. Lotta bones, but good meat.

  2. At least they got yours fixed... Now going on two days with nothing at work... Had four techs in there today arguing about wiring and who's fault it was...

  3. I believe Gary Peters win due to a late surge in squirrel support.

    1. Land's loss with Snyder and Schuette winning is nuts!