Wednesday, December 3, 2014

How come...

I know so many smart black people, and not one smart black person ever gets on the MSM?

Someone asked me why Michael Brown's step idiot hasn't been indicted for calling people to "burn this =#^&€/# down!"?

Easy, he was speaking colloquially.
You know. Like Obama did.
I do not think that word means what they think it does.

What I want to know is, "How many rioters who seem to have a verdict in mind, ever volunteer for (or don't dodge) jury duty?".


  1. The rioters didn't care about the verdict, they openly stated that they were going to protest regardless. More so, they didn't care a whit about the facts before the grand jury, as they didn't bother to read the testimony and evaluate the evidence before embarking on their parade of feigned outrage.

    1. Yet how many would report for jury duty?

    2. None. Of course, I'm not volunteering for jury duty either.

    3. Coincidentally, I recently missed a jury summons.
      I forgot about it, called to avoid a warrant and they said never mind we'll call you if we need you.

    4. I'm in my window for jury duty right now. I haven't been called yet, and have to check Sunday night for my the window for my jury pool. I'm crossing fingers, because I could take a monumental pay cut if I have to miss more than a couple days of work.

    5. Years ago, my first wife pulled fed grand jury. IIRC 6 monthes of once a week. Wow. She didn't work, so it wasn't a problem.
      Aren't you a fed employee? I thought you'd be covered.

    6. No, I'm a contractor for a gov agency. I get two days paid jury duty from my company.....but have to burn vacation or take leave of absence after that.

  2. I don't think a jury of his peers is what the prosecutor is looking for. You have a very naive sense of the American criminal justice system, Ed.

    Eric Garner was slammed to the ground and choked to death for ... nothing.
    He was committing no crime and just got sick of being hassled by the "thin blue line". Hassled by a cop who has a record of making black man strip in public and coming up with no drugs or anything else. But being black is close enough to probable cause.

    Eric Garner just asked to be left alone and not be rousted for nothing.
    So he gets choked to death and we knew what the verdict would be.

    Michael Brown may have been in that same state.
    And we act so surprised when some just let the rage out over this crap.

    But nothing changes. The cops will still be able to slurp it up at the Homeland Security punch bowl. We'll give armored carriers to some dipstick backwater suburban force under some guise of "fighting terrorism". The cops will be rendered immune to prosecution.

    And the rage will surprise you.

    1. "And we act so surprised when some just let the rage out over this crap."

      Au contraire....we've come to expect it.

      And you might want to take up the police militarization issue with the current Administration; it's continued the 1033 program unabated.

    2. I am well aware of Obama's complicity in militarizing the police. Of course it's been going on for much longer.

      So that's what we will continue to do. Militarize a segment of the population that is being allowed to act with immunity.

      Fact remains that Eric Garner was guilty of ... nothing. Or rather he was guilty of finally deciding no to shuck and jive for these military animals.

    3. I agree with you on Garner....Brown, not so much. Brown of course, being specifically mentioned by Ed....not Garner.

      And you mean 'militarized' animals. I know you wouldn't confuse them with the military.

    4. Well, technically, he wasn't choked to death. He was restrained with a vascular hold.
      Also, he was probably guilty (a jury won't get the case) of breaking a Bloomberg law forbidding "loosies".
      And bogus or not, he was resisting arrest. No cop will walk away.

    5. Ed - I concur with vas hold v. choke hold.......I don't agree with the grand jury decision to not indict and go to trial.

      I also agree that Garners weight and health were major factors in his death.

    6. One thing I've tried to do is leave decisions to juries.
      Obviously OJs trial and aquittal was a travesty, but in Garn r s case, I didn't look at the evidence presented to the grand jury, and I don't have time or opportunity to.
      So I can't critique their decision.
      I sat on a jury once.
      It was like Twelve Angry Men in reverse.
      At the end of deliberations, I sent a question to the judge about a point of law and we went from 11 to 1 innocent to unanimous guilty.
      Because of a point of law the lawyers hadn't afforded us.
      I try not to second guess juries.

  3. No Ed. he wasn't doing anything at the time.
    He was not selling anything.

    The thin blue line just decided to roust him.
    They are free to do that in NYC as you well know.
    No probable cause necessary.

    But this one got uppity, told them to leave him alone and therefore eserved to die, right?

  4. Resist arrest, suffer consequences.
    31 priors. You say he wasn't selling.
    How do you know?

    1. Articles that I read on the arrest indicate he was stopped for "suspicion of selling".
      They may have targeted him because of past violations in an attempt to make quota.
      The guy just had enough and no reasonable person can support the thugs of the NYPD in this case.