Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Compare and Contrast

Remember this guy?

Are they related?

Are facial expressions like that normal?


  1. That fake signer thing was hilarious. I'd forgotten about that. I'm not sure I see the similarities you see, but maybe..!
    I am still a little 'creeped out' by that weird guy who was supposedly 'reading Obama's mind' and letting us hear it..Saturday night. His eyes bugging out, his hands crossed at his chest (not unlike the fake signer, by the way!) and speaking Ebonics so strongly most of us only caught half of his words, anyway.
    AWFUL stuff

    1. Her facial contortions.
      That anger guy was creepy alright.
      But the fact that at the end, he had to "calm down" Obama's rant on conservatives was worse.

  2. that "due restraint" comment by Obama also creeped me out....
    maybe the rioters are all muslims and that's why he called for restraint?

  3. what a bunch of tools ED! hope alls well hon..Keep up the good fight!!! xoxox:)

  4. Looks like the prosecutor wasn't conned into believing you can hit your own head hard enough against the van wall to sever your spine.

    1. Probably a liberal.
      I'm kidding.
      I think the cops could have done it.
      After all they had 18 shots at it.
      Doesn't anybody think that signers facial expressions are weird?