Saturday, May 2, 2015

Praise Report

A few days ago, my wife Sherie was suffering intestinal pain overnight.
The next morning, I took her to the emergency room, against her wishes.
It turns out she had an intestinal blockage. They admitted her for observation.
The next day the surgeon called me to ask if they should perform surgery instead of waiting another day.
I said not only should they perform the surgery that day, but it would be nice if they fixed the hernia she's been waiting to have surgery on, which got delayed because of the fractured vertebrae needing to heal first.
He was unaware of the hernia and he agreed and that night they performed the surgery which only took an hour, and which was successful. There was some scar tissue adhesion which he removed.
I believe this has been troubling her for quite some time and was being attributed to diverticulitis. If so, this is big win!
A short while ago they removed the NG tube from her and perhaps tomorrow she can have a cup of coffee.
God is good.

Edit: Coming home tonight! Bonus, they discovered something that has been bothering her for a while, but was mis-diagnosed and they will fix it outpatient later! 5/5/15


  1. He IS good, and we're so glad to hear that Sherie got both problems fixed.

  2. Glad to hear things are getting fixed. Thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery!

    1. Thanks, Jim. Hopefully home tomorrow!

  3. A Triple Crown win! Sherie vs Mayweather?

  4. Nice. Hope she gets well soon