Saturday, May 30, 2015

Saturday, In the Park

I thought I might write something while I have a few moments waiting for my wife.
On second thought, I guess that means I have all day.

We're going to drive an hour and a half in a little bit to a place north of here called Frankenmuth (I'll honk as I drive by, Jerry!) to get a free chicken dinner for my wife, whose birthday is this month.
We'll meet some friends there whose birthday is also this month.
It's an annual thing, since the birthdays always seems to fall in this month.
It's a nice tourist trap, but our friends like to go early, so I'll be eating a huge meal at noon.
Thank God 11:00 am was booked!
We'll be eating at Zehnder's which is right across from Bavarian Inn.
Frankly they are almost interchangeable, dinner wise.
Only the ambiance is different.
The chicken dinners, they are famous for!
I'm just torn on the balance between free (normally about $20) and a 3 hour tour round trip.
But we won't have much time to enjoy the beautiful weather we expect in a great tourist trap bewcause after dinner, we are due at my brother's grandson's graduation open house, which is another 45 minutes in the exact opposite direction from our house than Frankenmuth.
I'll wave on my way back, Jerry!

So I thought this morning before we left, I would install the new gas range I bought Scherie.
I had the gas line run all planned, and the pipe all purchased.
Then I pulled the electric stove out and discovered why the best laid plans of mice and Ed oft go awry.
So that won't get done this morning.
Next up, it's supposed to rain later and tomorrow and the grass has grown tremendously since last Saturday when I last cut it.
This trend will continue until August, when the rains cease.
I thank God for having given me the funds and the wisdom to buy a garden tractor years ago.
Back and front done in about a half an hour.
Which gives me the time to type this.

Which took longer than I thought, and now it's my turn to shower, shave and drive.

I hope you have a wonderful day and later I hope to review the movie Tomorrowland, which I saw last weekend.


  1. I heard those honks yesterday and just assumed it was geese overhead. I love the Frankenmuth noon chicken massacre. Haven't been to Zenders in a few years, as we usually end up at Bavarian Inn, but I love them both. As for the gas range, what was the issue? I know Tina dislikes our current electric and would love me to swap out for a gas. I just envision launching the entire house from it's foundation, so I procrastinate. Until somebody steals our current range, it ain't happenin'!

    1. Other pipe in the way.
      Recalculating Route.

  2. Enjoy the free lunch! And pay no attention to the gas spent to get there... :-) And good luck with the plumbing. Gas as an add is always interesting...

  3. Since you're hard pressed to find a restaurant in Germany that serves much chicken, I'm surprised that's so popular there! Do they have great German food, too? How do they prepare the chicken, and are the sides red cabbage, etc??
    Happy Birthday to Scherie.

    1. Lightly breaded fried chicken.
      Pork Schnitzel with Michigan Morel Mushrooms.
      Zehnder’s creamy cabbage salad.
      Wiener Schnitzel
      Bavarian Sausages
      Sauerkraut with a side of spaetzle.
      Various Brots.
      Now I'm hungry again.
      Scherie says thanks.