Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thank God That's Over!

I want to thank everyone who voted for, advised and encouraged me in the contest for Your Voice Your Ad.

I made the Final Two!

Which is to say, I came in second.

For which I am thrilled.

I never expected to get first place, although I thought it was a possibility.
I did however expect the first place to be a different selection.
I thought it would be Ladissah and "Black Lives Matter" which was anti-abortion and very appealing.

I had called in to the show earlier to voice a comment on the Obama plan to not prosecute ransom paying family members. Pretty much the same comment I made at Z's blog on the same issue.

Here is the audio from the announcement this morning.

Thanks again to all who helped promote my effort on their blog, Facebook, contact list, etc.
I truly couldn't have done it without you.


  1. I'm sorry you didn't win, my friend.

    1. I won as good as I thought God was gonna give me.
      It could be He needed to bless the #1 spot more than I with 4 tickets.
      Thank you Paul!

  2. Honestly, Ed...I just listened to the woman whose ad won and, even if I didn't know you I'd say I like yours's simpler, more direct, stays focused do mention different conservative views, but you make it sound like a neighbor would want to hear you and respond with "Really? That's how I're really nice and I really appreciate your thinking...maybe I'm a Republican, too" It's folksy and warm and engaging...

    I'm VERY happy for you...VERY happy..
    They said TWO are going to D.C., is that right? Are you going? Or did I misunderstand?


    1. Yes, Scherie will be going with me.
      I found Cathina's ad problematical.
      I'm also surprised it was as popular in the voting as long as they say it was.
      That means my strong showing must have been based more on my begging for votes than an innate attractiveness.
      Everyone I talk to says the same as you, that they thought my ad was better, although a few thought Ladissahs was very strong, as did I.
      Thanks again. I'd like to post a thank you in comments at your place.
      Old NFO and you were very helpful.

    2. I'm so glad NFO and I could help in any way.
      CONGRATULATIONS! What will happen in DC??

    3. Lunch with Bill Bennett and the other winner and her guests.
      Then we'll sightsee and rent a car to drive to Virginia where our son is in prison.

  3. Dang I was pulling for you

    1. It's all good. Man I don't want to sound sour grapes, but I don't see how that other ad was more appealling?
      Pro-pot? Pro-gay marriage?
      Why not pro-abortion?

    2. It may be because Bennett appeals those who still cling to moderate positions. At least more than those who are, say, Levin listeners. And so they are used to compromising. And I can see their compromises reflected in the winning ad. And that seemed to be reflected too in the two judges. The GOP moderates are always trying to sway squishy libs rather than sticking to solid principles which they see as vote losers. They never did learn from Reagan did they?

    3. You're probably right, but most phone commenters are more to the right than Bill (and welcomed), and Bill was taken aback by her ad.