Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Carpenter Ants

Devon: Look at the base of this tree, grandpa.

Ed: Yes son, that's really something.

Devon: What did this?

Ed: Well, those are carpenter ants.

Devon: But I thought carpenters build things. This tree is being destroyed.

Ed: Well, that's the funny thing about carpenter ants.
They have a name that seems to indicate they're constructive, but they're very destructive  and cut at the very foundation of these trees until they fall over.

You know son, there's people that have constructive sounding names.

They call themselves liberals or progressives, but what they really do is eat at the base of the tree of liberty.

They cut away at the very foundation of America, leaving it weak and damaged.

Most of their activity goes on for years, out of sight, like these carpenter ants,
until suddenly, one day, it's exposed.

Then there's a lot of repair work to do.

Conservatives try to conserve the ideals and notions that built the foundation of this nation, Devon.
Not undermine it with ideas that don't work.

You need to figure out:
When you grow up, do you want to build the country up, or tear it down?


  1. The republic was built on denying gays the right to the civil marriage contract?
    In that case we've righted a long standing oversight.

    Any comment on Episcopalians, United Church of Christ, some Lutherans and others to come recognizing gay marriage?
    It's a dangerous game, Ed. Churches are becoming more liberal and as you hard nose the highway you're going to become a more and more ostracized group.

    1. Did I mention gay "marriage" Duck?
      And if I must be ostracized for speaking the truth?
      I have Someone more important to answer to than current popular opinion.
      As for those denominations?
      They'll answer too.

  2. after the carpenter ants are finished destroying our foundation, the State dungbeetles will be employed to roll away the useful idiot progressives who originally empowered them.

    1. I imagine a Disney Buena Vista short,
      "Nature at Work".

  3. amen! Blessed Independence Day to you and yours my friend!!! red white and blue hugsssssssss!!! :-)

  4. I love this quote that u left at WHT! May the vision of the Founders be restored.

    thank u so much ED!

  5. Repair work is expensive. If only more care had been taken to prevent the invasion of the carpenter ants in the first place!

    1. Your termite infestation inspired me, as I think I said elsewhere.

  6. I sent this one over to Google Plus, Ed. Great post!