Saturday, August 22, 2015

Ypsilanti Heritage Festival

It was my birthday yesterday.
I had meant to take a vacation day since my calendar was almost empty.
But an upper management type decided a project my group was working on had to be done by Monday.
Total nonsense, but no choice.
So, I was there until after five.
And not happy about it.
Some friends wanted to take me to dinner, but I was so beat I asked them to put it off til Sunday after church.
So Scherie and I went to my favorite restaurant, Haabs, and we had  forgotten that the Ypsilanti Heritage Festival was this weekend causing us to park a few blocks away.
So glad we did.
As we approached the sound, I thought it was a black lives rally.
Then I heard the music behind the chanting and was intrigued.
So we approached.
Then we got hooked.
I used to preach in a church like this in Detroit.
Oh, the joy.
You can tell some of these people have been places we thank God we never went, and Jesus, Precious Jesus, pulled them out and gave them hope.
We stayed and worshiped awhile.

It's funny. You can't put a nativity in a park, but we had church in the street!

That Marquee on the far right? That's the local "Gentleman's Club".

We went on to dinner after a half hour or so.

Approaching the restaurant:

Mike greeted us at the door and we ate well.
Free dessert!

I hope you have a great day today.

You never know how they'll turn out.

And as I type this, the thunder of a B-17 over my roof brings a huge smile to my face.

And Happy Birthday Jerry!


  1. What a nice relief to think it's Black Lives Matter and find it's an ALL LIVES MATTER happening. Very refreshing and encouraging.
    Happy Birthday again....

  2. Very nice! And happy Birthday Ed!

  3. Happy Birthday, Ed. May the year to come bring you wisdom, good health and above all happiness.

  4. Revival meetings are held frequently on the Common, Ed.
    Believe it or not, far from opposing them I have never failed to stay and listen.
    There have been quite a few denominations.

    Up here in 'ol liberal Boston we even mount a creche on the Common.

    Nice that you enjoyed your day.