Sunday, October 18, 2015

Movie Review

I saw The Martian.
That was a good movie.
Still is in fact.
It gives one hope for the future.
In that movie's view of the future, there is an actual space program that is focused on going to other planets and not reveling in Islamic culture.

That implies the election of a Republican President.
Whatever your position on Republicans, that's better than the alternative.

In other news (hey, I can chew gum and sit in a chair...) my company recently did something I've (we've) been begging for for years.
They migrated us from LotusNotes to Outlook.
Sound easier than it is, it seems.
If I (or Hillary) want a different e-mail client at home, we just choose one and go.
At work, it seems the domain controllers have to be reconfigured.
So they after days of telling you to archive your email and your waiting to the last minute to do so, they archive your e-mail to a drive unreachable by you, lest you actually have access to a quote sent last week that you sure could use right now.

Then the phone e-mail get's migrated. This calls for a new security system that "partitions" your phone workspace into a secure and unsecure area.
This process ended up causing me to do a wipe on my phone as I got locked out and my pin would not open it.
As painful as that sounds, it was a blessing.
The phone e-mail is a little clunkier to use, but the re-install was almost painless.
Google had backed up all my apps, even the paid ones, and everything was there, just in places I didn't intend for them to be, and some options had to be dialed back in.
Today, I got in my car and tried to make a call. Oops. Have to re-pair the phone to the car.

This got me to thinking.
My android tablet has slowed to a crawl.
Yesterday I did a wipe on the tablet.
Once everything re-installed, it is factory fast again.
Yay for me.

So, next movie? Woodlawn. Can't wait. May not. Monday night is matinee price and free popcorn.

I saw a trailer for a movie. "Joy". Have no idea, but I'm looking forward to it. The last scene in the trailer, she's learning to fire a shotgun. OK I wiki'd it. She's a single mom entrepreneur. Like Scherie was. Now I really want to see it.
Girls with Guns. What could go wrong?


  1. The preview's on The Martian do look intriguing. I'm so gun shy about new movies, though, haven't darkened a cinema door in over 20 years. Plus, it seems almost all the modern actors & actresses hate America and want to disarm We The People. So, nuts to that! Guess I'll wait until it's "free" on DirecTV or YouTube. Top it off with I'm such a cheap skate guess it'll be another 20 years before this white hiney graces a theatre seat. *grin*
    Hearing the e-mail woes makes me especially thankful I'm still using a flip phone (uh, there's the cheap skate popping out again). Happy to hear it all went well at work.
    Hope your day is blessed. ~:)

    1. We have Sunday Matinees at the Emagine here for $5 each, so we often go after church, split a box of popcorn (free refills) and complimentary water.
      As long as the values portrayed on the screen are not opposed to mine (one of the key positive scenes is predicated on the religious nature of one of the astronauts), I can live with it.

  2. Ed, Woodlawn is also on our list. Of course, every time we go to the theater or check in to hotel, the wife has to do a bed bug check. Apparently the bed bug sleep over in Disney was a little more traumatic for her :)

    Sparky, LOL! Weve been known to do the Dollar Red Box.

    1. Never had bedbugs, but I am bedbug-phobic when on the road.
      Didn't know it extended to theaters.

  3. Don't tell Scherie or you might not ever get out of the house!

  4. Bed Bugs? UGH...and I'm hotel-ing it this weekend for 2 nights :-(

    I hear The Martian is fabulous...glad you enjoyed it. Let us know about Woodlawn!

    1. I had some issues with the way the concessions were run.
      The help seemed unhelpful. Polite, but unhelpful.
      I had to leave the showing twice to ask for the AC to be turned off, "3D is one thing but do you have to make it as cold as Mars?".
      I wrote an e-mail to the management.
      Told them I don't want tickets, just a better movie experience.
      They said like what?
      I said keep showing the faith based movies.
      They said, they'd do that and how would I like opening night tickets to Star Wars?
      I caved. We're going. And the popcorn is on them, too.

    2. Good for you for speaking up....and what a nice reward!
      Excellent that you spoke up for faith-based movies!
      Good job...enjoy the popcorn!

  5. hard to keep up with technology! hugz!!! :)

  6. The Martian was great. A bit better on characters than the majority of hard SF is and it had just the right kind of optimism. Not the politically correct future of Star Trek but as you described: actual space exploration, politics being pushed aside for more necessary things.