Sunday, July 17, 2016

Hate Crimes, Black Lives Matter, Reverse Racism

So this woman, an Ebony editor says:
"Hate Crimes Can’t Be Committed Against White People, Cops".

There's video at that link of her saying it.

From the linked article:

On Wednesday, Ebony Magazine’s Jamilah Lemieux criticized the use of the phrase “hate crime” in association with the five white Dallas police officers who were killed claiming that using the phrase with a “majority group… gets into very tricky territory.”

There's also this from Canada:

So where did the notion of hate crimes come from?

From Wikipedia:
On October 28, 2009 President Obama signed the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, attached to the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010, which expanded existing United States federal hate crime law to apply to crimes motivated by a victim's actual or perceived gender,

Of course the Matthew Shepard story (the gay guy who was not killed for being gay, it turns out) was debunked.
So the basis of hate crime legislation is based on a lie.

So, if blacks being killed is a hate crime, but white officers being killed for being white is not a hate crime, or a woman yelling I hate white people while striking a white woman is not a hate crime, what is?

What does it matter?
When president Obama said about Dallas “I think it’s very hard to untangle the motives of this shooter. As we’ve seen in a whole range of incidents with mass shooters, they are by definition troubled.”, he acts like the motive is important.

The only time motive is important is when it demonstrates intent in order to convict.
Convict for the actual crime, not the perceived crime (hate).

I was on the radio Saturday about this. 

If you shoot a cop, your intent is to shoot a cop.
Of course, if you are Hillary Clinton, intent doesn't matter, but for the rest of us it shouldn't matter if your intent was to hate and then shoot, or just shoot.

Your sentence should be predicated on your action, not your motive.


  1. Six more months... sigh... Hate IS a multiway street, I don't care what the administration says. Problem is DOJ won't prosecute anything other than white on black.

    1. DOJ should be renamed Department of Politics.

    2. Ed,
      DOJ should be renamed Department of Politics.


      I'm so sick of this race war. In fact, I haven't thought this much about race since the 1960s.

      Race relations in the United States has never been perfect -- and never will be. That's the reality -- our sinful natures, if you will.

      But during the GWB years, I honestly saw that rae relations in the United States were the best they'd ever been. We had black friends galore, and I had black clients galore.

      Then Obama got elected, and the animosity emanated from our black friends and my black clients. Why? Because Mr. AOW and I didn't support Obama? We had NEVER supported any Democratic Party candidate for POTUS. And we avoided discussing politics with most of our black friends. No particular reason for that -- just that we had other common ground.

      All that didn't matter once Obama was elected.

      Our black friends deserted us.

    3. Oops. Forgot to check the "Notify me" box.

    4. My mom and dad were social with some black folk.
      I was always taught not to use certain terms or rhymes, etc.
      My mom's attitude changed when I was a teenager and I asked her later in years why.
      They had a couple over for drinks and it was around 1968 and the woman said "When the revolution comes, we gonna keep these two..."
      My mom took it poorly. It hurt her.
      I think I would have laughed, myself.

  2. Right again, Ed. These are crazy people. I stopped scratching my head over it and float on my pool noodles and drink beer instead.

    1. You don't want to get in their heads.
      It's dark and scary in there.

  3. That is such convoluted thinking. I've asked many a libtard which crimes are done with love in their hearts and receive no answer. So, truthfully, I think these people are hopeless. Eventually, they'll be out of power and the streets will be safe again.

  4. The only time motive is important is when it demonstrates intent in order to convict.
    Convict for the actual crime, not the perceived crime (hate).

    You nailed it.

    Means, motive and opportunity are needed to identify and convict people for committing crimes. They are not the crimes themselves.

    The culture now makes all three of these crimes.

    * Means: Guns are the problem. The truck did it (in Nice)
    * Motive: You are a hater, therefore you have surrendered your rights
    * Opportunity: Why are you in front of this abortion clinic? You have no permit to preach in this place. Etc.

    At the same time, "psychology" is used to "understand" and exonerate those who commit violent crimes, which are now the victims' fault.

    1. Great points, Alec.
      Thanks for the contribution.

  5. nothing I can add to the excellent comments here....this is just plain NUTS. A white cop's killed and THAT isn't a HATE CRIME? And, of course, Blacks can't be racist, either, did you know that? There are those Blacks who say they can't be racist because they are Black.'These are college students.
    God, help us.

  6. the double standard is alive and killing...sigh G-d bless u ED..:)

  7. Losers always demand ore rights than everyone else.

    Is it a hate crime for a moslem vermnin to kill an infidel in America? I don't think so.

    1. No. Like the mob says, "It's nothing personal. It's just business."