Saturday, August 6, 2016

Everybody Likes Cat Videos It Seems

Nobody likes listening to political audio,


  1. If our "cat lovin'" Kid wasn't sleeping in on this Saturday, he'd probably have been here before ME!

    This is a great idea, Ed! Also, it appears Hillary has nine lives...too bad her victims don't.

    1. I'm glad you listened. I am not sure all the visitors are.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks. It came to me that playing audio alone will not get people to listen.
      I was hoping it would go viral on FB.

  3. LOL! Set the hook.

    Perfect for Caturday.

  4. Pass the catnip! I'm coming down.

  5. USA to 3rd world status in 3, 2, 1...

  6. why is congress not acting?
    are they being blackmailed?
    are they afraid their children will end up dead under 'mysterious' circumstances?

    the system is seriously gummed up or broken.
    why isn't it being serviced for cleaning?

    1. Hi Deborah!
      Always a blessing to see you here.

      I must be naive, but when I hear complaints about Ryan and McConnell, I wonder what I would do in their place, not having enough votes in the Senate to impeach or override a veto.
      They've done stuff this year.
      Sued and won to stop the immigration overreach, passed a budget for the first time in 7 yrs (Reid would not let one to the floor).
      What am I missing?