Sunday, August 14, 2016

Radio Saturday

My friend, Gary Wellings, had asked me to cohost his radio show Saturday.

I can't make the above picture a link, so if you want to listen, click this.

I was also on a couple other shows during the day.
Early in the way to work I called Joshua's Trail where the topic was abortion.
It got me to thinking about the Mel Gibson movie which followed The Passion, Apocalypto.
I never understood the movie until that moment.

My friend Linda (co-owner of the station with her husband Thayrone) has a show I look forward to, The American Dream, a real slice of Americana which regularly talks about the two things you're not supposed to: Politics and Religion.
I called in to that and we talked about a couple movies, Joy and Ben Hur.

And to cap it off, another show I listen to, TriggerTalk Radio with Dick Cupka, had a contest.
Dick's been featuring classic television themes on return from commercials.
I've been pretty good at recognizing them and yesterday he had a contest offer concerning them.
I was calling in about something else when the contest was announced, so to qualify, I had to hang up and call back in.

I won four tickets to Thunder Over Michigan!
I am geeked!

So, besides going in to work in the morning and being on the radio and taking Scherie to dinner, it was a pretty uneventful day.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I'm jealous you got tickets to Thunder Over Michigan. Hubby and I love stuff like that. Be sure to take lots of pictures. We used to go watch the Blue Angels when they flew out of or around Tyco in Florida. Makes one especially proud to be an American. ~:)

    1. Sparky, they generally fly right over my house on approach.
      I've got pictures of their tires sizes :)

  2. Just what Apocalypto has to do with abortion is a little hazy, Ed.
    It seemed to be an amalgam of The Naked Prey and Lord of the Flies with a dash of Gibson's homoerotic sadomasochism tossed in for good measure.
    Our purpose is to suffer physically has always seemed to be his rather perverted theme.

    I'm interested in how Ben Hur turns out. I fear it's just another "green screen" action film.
    On thing you can be sure of, Wyler's direction of the homosexual subcontext between Ben-Hur and Messala will be absent.

    Kind of bugs me that they feel the need to 'update' the chariot race.
    Seems an insult to the great Yakima Canutt.

    1. Well I could never figure out why he did the movie after such a spiritual Passion.
      If it is allegorical, then the barbarism that was depicted in the film, driven by a pagan belief, was pushed back by the Spaniards. The Spaniards and their western civilization culture based on Judeo- Christian tenets brought relief to the family fleeing the barbarism.
      I know the Spaniards were not saints.
      I think they've shortened this film by removing the entire "save the admiral, go to Rome, abandon Rome" sequence and jumping from the raft to the Arabians.
      Nobody but me and maybe you wants to sit through a 4 hour film.
      I wish they'd just re-released the original in 3d and Dolby :)

    2. Well, it's officially a bomb.
      They didn't know whether to make it a drama or an action film and ended up with a confused mess totally devoid of any passion.

      By the way. I saw Jacques Rivette's OUT1 (13 hours) in three sittings.

    3. I'll catch the DVD, I guess.
      It's official. Both you and I will sit througj a good four hour film.

  3. Good on ya! And enjoy the airshow! :-)

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Bob. I've been asked back for tomorrow.

  5. I didn't listen to the entire show, but what I did hear I liked. You done good, and sound good, too. I had heard you on the Bill Bennett show once before so I knew you could do the job. Maybe you can find a local radio station to agree to let you host your own show.

    1. Thanks Bob, I was supposed to be on the air again last Saturday but work interfered.