Friday, October 21, 2016

I'm Deplorable, I'm not voting for Trump*

I'm not voting for Trump*.

I'm voting for the Second Amendment.
I'm voting for a conservative Supreme Court.
I'm voting to dismantle Obamacare.
I'm voting for a strong military, not one at pre-WWII strengths.
I'm voting for immigration reform that protects American jobs and lives.
I'm voting for national sovereignty .
I'm voting trade rules that protect American jobs.

I'm voting to keep Hillary Clinton, a proven criminal from selling out American interests.

I'm not voting for a who.
I'm voting for my survival.

To do that, I'm voting for Donald Trump.
I'm voting for the positions he espouses, mostly.
There is no choice if you want to keep all of the above.

*as a person.

I don't know if you got to see this, but it was really worth it.


  1. I watched parts of it. Thought it was a train wreck overall.

    1. I did not like the parts at the end that were personal attacks, only because they violated protocol (Fighting at the waterhole).
      The beginning zingers were hilarious.
      Even Hillary laughed where it was appropriate.

    2. I was probably too harsh, chalking it up to my general disgust at this election cycle....I really think the 2012 dinner with Obama and Romney was funnier.

  2. In our culture, people seem to have forgotten how to be really humorous. British humor is so much better. As a person, I don't care for Trump but only because he's what the world calls a 'powerful man'. I've known men (and women) like that and they're hard to be around. I do respect his work ethic. He is smart. I just pray that our Country can / will survive. Right now I'm not feeling it. Good thing we're in God's hands.
    Chin up. It'll be over eventually. Hope you're day is blessed. ~:)

    1. Yours too, Sparky.
      I hope I get to use the fireworks this year that I bought for 2012.

    2. If he's so smart, why did he run a brain dead campaign?

  3. I like the post, thanks! I usually love watching the Al Smith dinner but blogger Adrienne was right when she said how the jokes might have to be left for comedians because candidates sometimes just come off as mean and nasty; both of them sure did the other night. has been a brain dead campaign...except he's practically neck and neck with a woman with FAR more money being spent on the ground, etc., so maybe not as brain dead as we think. The man's not a politician and he doesn't listen to anybody (I have that on second hand personal information from a guy way up in Pence's team...."trump listens to NO ONE! EVER" so, he should have. He had this to win...he lost, she didn't win.
    But she will. Legally or illegally.

  4. And that pretty much sums it perfectly

  5. I'm with ya man. You don't have to vote FOR, it is just as easy to vote AGAINST.

    Yea, I'll be voting against the beast with extreme prejudice.

    Like we'd ever have the 'perfect' candidate. (Hint: We never did) Hopefully, not too many people are so adolescent to not vote against the beast.

    1. Another blogger, Pascal Fervor, messaged me a picture of Hillary that is very disconcerting. I suggested that it be put on billboards with the caption, "Is that what you're voting for?". Maybe buses.